Monday, May 2, 2011

Used it!

-Fyrinnae Nijiro mini. Yes, I will buy this again, in full size. It's a really great warm ivory with rainbow sparkles. Can't complain!

-Aromaleigh Calendula (red with green duochrome). Can't buy again - did recently swap for UD Lounge, though, which is similar but more opaque. Love the color.

-Stila Kitten shadow sample card. I can see why everyone loves this shade so much. That said, I think it's a bit overpriced for what it is, especially since you get so much more of a very similar color in theBalm's MaryLou Manizer.

-UD Midnight Cowboy/Flipside sample card. First experience with Urban Decay's glitter problem. Yikes! I didn't have enough of Flipside to tell if I liked the opacity or not, but I did like the color. It wasn't special enough to get full size, at least not at full price.

-Too Faced Primed and Poreless sample. This stuff isn't bad - it seems to help more than other primers I've tried. I probably won't buy a full size, though, because I wasn't wowed by it. It has been helping my frankenfoundation look good (I mixed three products I didn't like much on their own, and it's turned out to be a relatively decent face base).

ES project pan - 8 gone - 4/8
Lip project pan - 5 gone - 1/5

127 items gone
45 full size items gone


  1. Good job! I love Fyrinnae's Nijiro! One of my favorite highlight shades!

  2. I'm going to enable a little bit (sorry!)...Sephora has an eye shadow trio from Stila called the It Girl palette that is only $14, and it includes Kitten. I got it online. I think it says that it is in stores too, but mine didn't have it.