Saturday, May 7, 2011

Random post on a random product from my stash - Sephora Pure Wanderlust

I got the palette for the cost of shipping from the lovely ani_bee about a year ago, and took these photos last summer. Now the lightest brown color has pan showing, and the dip in the medium brown, green, and light blue has grown. I think the medium brown will be showing pan soon.

The neutrals in this palette are absolutely lovely, which is why I throw it in for travel every time I go someplace. The light blue and light green, unfortunately, have some pigmentation problems and go on a lot more sheer than I prefer. The green especially is hard to get pigment onto the brush. I've decided I don't much care for dark blue shadow on me, except as a liner color (and even then, I'd rather have something designed as a liner to avoid the nasty discoloration dark blue fallout gives me).

The blush, unlike the shadows, is matte. I find that it works in a pinch, and is sheer enough that I don't need a duo-fiber brush with it, which is nice, but that it can be a little difficult to apply.

I also like that these are mica-based and talc-free.

The packaging is great - very sturdy and solid. I'm planning on modifying it to accept standard round pans when I use up the rest of the product (well, except the dark blue. Let's be honest here, that one is ending up depotted and swapped away).

I don't think this is still available anywhere - Sephora's been out for a while. It's an ok product. It's portable and versatile, which makes it great for travel, but I don't absolutely love any of the colors except the medium brown.


  1. It does look like a great travel pallete. Love the neutrals in it. It does look like the blush and a few of the colors aren't very pigmented. But palletes like this are always great to have in your stash!

  2. I agree, it looks like a nice basic palette to own! :)