Sunday, May 1, 2011

Detox update, contest update

Day 15 - I went to Sephora yesterday later to get my free shower gel (it's my birthday, it's my birthday!!!), and got some free sample decants of a few things (mostly eye primers). I did not break out any money!!!

Friday, I looked at the CVS beauty section - it was kind of freeing to not have my wallet on me at the time (we were on a walk, and the man needed some stuff for himself). Nothing really jumped out like "Buy me!!!" I think I really have exhausted all my drugstore product desires - there's some new WnW stuff coming out that I'd like, but it's not going to be available in the next few weeks anyway. Nail polish box is full - can't get more of that. I have enough foundations to last a couple years, yeah.

Turns out a local Clinique counter is having an event where I can get some free stuff if I come in for a color matching thingy - and I like the free, so I might do that.

Still have not gotten to picking a winner. I promise I will, soon, though!

Off to celebrate putting another stressful year in the past. :)


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

    Glad to hear the detox is going well! I'm finding it has been getting easier as time passes. Looks like maybe you are experiencing the same feeling?

  2. Thanks! I sure as hell don't look 28, so I'm ok with the whole birthday thing.

    Yeah, detox is getting easier. It doesn't mean I don't have carts at allcosmetics wholesale and Silk Naturals, but it's fine. :) I may end up breaking it a few days early if the Clinique session goes well. And if I consider that I had 11 days before I bought one measly thing at 15% off in order to qualify for free shipping... I'm not doing too bad.

  3. Congrats & Happy Birthday!
    That makes me REALLY wish there were a Clinique counter near here- I ordered a few things when Sephora had their 15% off sale, and I love their lipglosses & butter shine lip sticks... the chubby sticks are pretty great, too!

  4. I still haven't used my birthday gift from sephora, hehe. Maybe next bath?

    Happy birthday! And good work on the detox!