Saturday, July 23, 2011

used it!!!

*EcoTools body lotion - full size, ok, not great, takes a while to sink in, smells like Kool-Aid.

*Brazen Cosmetics Jinx shadow sample - this sample lasted a lot longer than I thought it would - I probably got at least 20 wears out of it. Now I'm looking forward to not wearing purple again for a while! This was a light blurple. Brazen uses carnauba wax in their formulations, so it goes on really smoothly.

*Liza's Lotions 1/3 oz. blotch be gone lotion - I think I might like this more for winter than for summer - it's a bit sticky for this humidity, but it's still great stuff.

*Silk Naturals Protein Deep Treatment (1 oz. size) - I have waist-length hair, and there is a lot of it, so this was good for about two treatments for me. The verdict's still out on this - I'm not sure it really made my hair that much better, but I'm also not sure I needed a protein treatment, either - I got this in a swap and thought "why not?" It smells nice, feels great, and has a nice texture. Like most (well, the one other) protein treatment I've tried, this isn't a replacement for conditioner.

ES project pan - 16/20
Lip project pan - 7/10

(Since Sept. 2, 2010)
176 items gone
63 full size items gone

Friday, July 22, 2011

Blog sale!!!!

Updated 9/18/12

Stuff for sale! General "rules"

- I'll ship anything anywhere as long as it's legal.

- If you're outside the US, you agree to accept a photo of the receipt from the post office as proof of mailing.

- You pay cost of shipping, which I'll estimate based on weight of the package. If it's drastically different than my estimate, we'll work something out.

- Payment is by paypal. You pay fees or send as gift. Send your paypal info to emilys dot livejournal at gmail dot com.

- First come first serve!

Maybelline Color Tattoo - white. Est. 90% left. $4
Maybelline Color Tattoo - bronze color. Est. 95% left. $4.50
Physicians Formula felt tip brown eyeliner. New in box. $6
Stila Daydream palette. A few colors used once. Case is a little scratched. $12
Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear blush - Rose. Used twice. $5
Physicians Formula Organic Wear tinted moisturizer - Ivory to Fair. 95% $5
Physicians Formula Youthful Wear foundation - fair - 80% - $4
Physicians Formula Airbrushing Pressed Powder - Translucent Light - 75% - $3
AeroMinerale spray bronzer - Malibu. New, sealed. $7

Tamanu oil - 75% left of a 2 oz bottle. $4
The Balm Plump Your Pucker lipgloss - Tutti My Frutti - sealed, new! - Goes for $15, I'm asking $9!
Julep Daylight Defense SPF 15 Lip Balm - new, sealed. Julep charges $6, I'm asking $3!
Sally Hansen Natural Butter lipgloss - Nectar - new and sealed - $2
Rimmel smoky lipstick topcoat. Used 3x. $2
Tokidoki by Smashbox quad - Modella - swatched 2x. $4
Nuance Salma Hayek gel pencil eyeliner - black - sharpened 2x. $4
Jaguar Luxury Cosmetics Charcoal eye pencil - new, sealed, $1
Hard Candy concealer pencil. Unused. $1

Sheer Cover refillable brush - condition as shown. $4
Bare Minerals refillable compact for loose powder. $4
Brown Faux chubby blender brush. Great condition. $5
AbbaMart duo fiber blush brushes. $2 each
Ecotools angled blush brush. Great condition. $4
Sonia Kashuk contour brush. $4
Ecotools retractable foundation brush. Great condition. $4

Freestyle palettes I made. Email if interested - I'm asking $7 each.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nails of the Moment - Black and Gray

So, my teacher training program was brutal, and I wasn't doing well at all. It was time for me to consider other options. So far, I'm a lot less stressed out overall, and I think having something between insanely stressful 11-hour days (and that's just outside the home) and minimally stressful 3 hour days would be ideal.

Since I'm no longer supposed to be available for a job interview at any minute, I did my nails up a little darker. It kind of matches my somewhat melancholy (but so much more stable) mood.

Sally Hansen Diamond Shine
Wet N Wild Gray's Anatomy
Sally Hansen black shatter
Milani Gems on ring fingers
Sally Hansen Diamond Shine (again)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nails of the Moment - sparkle sparkle!

Orly Bonder
Clinique Fuchsia Fusion - 1 layer
Wet N Wild Waves of Enchantment - 1 layer
Milani Dazzling Diamonds - 1 layer
Sally Hansen Diamond Shine

Sad to say, this chipped pretty quickly. But while it lasted, it was super sparkly funtimes!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

used it!!

Chagrin Valley Castile and Calendula sample soap - not bad, better for softer water.

Boscia Oil Free Moisture SPF 15 - stinky, questionable uva protection

Darling Girl Midnight Train Aqua Liner sample - pretty!!!!

Big in Japan glycerin soap sample - not bad - glycerin soap must be superior to other soap. This smelled a bit floral for me.

10g jar full of a mix of Physicians Formula Airbrushing powder in creamy natural, a sample of Bare Minerals mineral glow, and a sample of adorned with Grace smoothing powder. - counting this as two samples - ok mix, though sometimes I looked a bit yellow.

(Since Sept. 2, 2010)
172 items gone
62 full size items gone

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Still alive...

Teacher training is sucking my energy dry.

Today I kind of did some unnecessary makeup buying - I got Milani Gems nail polish, a new Cover Girl mascara (exact eyelights - black ruby), UDPP Sin, a random hot pink lipstick, and a free tiny size of Josie Maran argan oil. I also bought Milani Diamond Dazzle polish a bit ago. Woot!

Now back onto my no-buy (except an SN order)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Used it!!!!

* Crazy Rumors Vanilla lip balm - good, basic stuff. I think I like Susan's new Darling Girl formula better, though.

* UDPP Sin sample decant - I really kind of want this in full size. It's perfect for a quick look that's somewhat more put together than nothing, and a little shadow in the crease makes it look like it's a lot more complicated.

* TFSI Candlelight sample decant - I'm on the fence about this - it's a bit yellowy for my taste.

* DDF mattifying oil control moisturizer spf 15 - I'm not sure how "mattiying" this was, but it was ok. If they'd ramp up the spf to at least 30, I'd be more interested.

*Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe mascara - black platinum. Full disclosure, there was still some left, but it was dried out and yucky, and I wasn't getting my lashes coated as nicely anymore. I could either do a light coat or end up with clumps, so I gave up. It lasted about 5 months of daily use before I threw it out this morning. When it was new, it was a lot nicer. I think I like the orange tube better - I don't remember that having dried out as much.

ES project pan - 15/20
Lip project pan - 7/10

(Since Sept. 2, 2010)
166 items gone
62 full size items gone

Request for technical help:

So, I'm taking this class. Technology is a main part of this class. For this blog, I use my primary Google account. This class has a blogger blog, too, and all I wanted was to hide my profile from that blog and its viewers - which, because it's shared, I don't have access to the settings. I love makeup blogging, but my professional world doesn't need to know that.

I've managed to hide my "official" profile from the entire Internet and replace it on here with an Emily's Makeup Box-specific profile (hence the previous post), so you can still see a bunch of my info, and I can now tailor it more specifically to you.

However, by having hidden my profile entirely, nobody can click on my name when I post comments on other blogs and find anything out about me, or learn about my makeup blog. Does anybody know a way to work around this? Like is there a way to have clicking on my name/photo lead to the blog itself? Or should I start using a signature on all my comments? How do I do that easily?

Stupid Internet.

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Hi! I'm Emily, and I'm into makeup, hair, women's rights, and not being a weakling. I like "organic" stuff, to a point, but not so much so that I'm stopped from some more conventional stuff.

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