Saturday, July 23, 2011

used it!!!

*EcoTools body lotion - full size, ok, not great, takes a while to sink in, smells like Kool-Aid.

*Brazen Cosmetics Jinx shadow sample - this sample lasted a lot longer than I thought it would - I probably got at least 20 wears out of it. Now I'm looking forward to not wearing purple again for a while! This was a light blurple. Brazen uses carnauba wax in their formulations, so it goes on really smoothly.

*Liza's Lotions 1/3 oz. blotch be gone lotion - I think I might like this more for winter than for summer - it's a bit sticky for this humidity, but it's still great stuff.

*Silk Naturals Protein Deep Treatment (1 oz. size) - I have waist-length hair, and there is a lot of it, so this was good for about two treatments for me. The verdict's still out on this - I'm not sure it really made my hair that much better, but I'm also not sure I needed a protein treatment, either - I got this in a swap and thought "why not?" It smells nice, feels great, and has a nice texture. Like most (well, the one other) protein treatment I've tried, this isn't a replacement for conditioner.

ES project pan - 16/20
Lip project pan - 7/10

(Since Sept. 2, 2010)
176 items gone
63 full size items gone

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