Saturday, July 2, 2011

Used it!!!!

* Crazy Rumors Vanilla lip balm - good, basic stuff. I think I like Susan's new Darling Girl formula better, though.

* UDPP Sin sample decant - I really kind of want this in full size. It's perfect for a quick look that's somewhat more put together than nothing, and a little shadow in the crease makes it look like it's a lot more complicated.

* TFSI Candlelight sample decant - I'm on the fence about this - it's a bit yellowy for my taste.

* DDF mattifying oil control moisturizer spf 15 - I'm not sure how "mattiying" this was, but it was ok. If they'd ramp up the spf to at least 30, I'd be more interested.

*Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe mascara - black platinum. Full disclosure, there was still some left, but it was dried out and yucky, and I wasn't getting my lashes coated as nicely anymore. I could either do a light coat or end up with clumps, so I gave up. It lasted about 5 months of daily use before I threw it out this morning. When it was new, it was a lot nicer. I think I like the orange tube better - I don't remember that having dried out as much.

ES project pan - 15/20
Lip project pan - 7/10

(Since Sept. 2, 2010)
166 items gone
62 full size items gone


  1. Look at you go! Good work on using stuff up!

  2. 166 itmes gone?
    Woah, that IS admirable. I've been na a use-up quest since November. Not going that well, actually. :(

    Hit the pan and about 12 full sized single pressed shadows so I decided I'll only be using them untill i finish them off. So far 3 are gone, the one I countoured with an the one I used as a blush and a frosty pink one.