Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thoughts on some recently demolished samples

I am sick again. :( So I haven't worn any makeup really the past few days. I haven't even put real clothes on. (I am making sure to shower and put clean underwear on, though.)

I also am holding steady to my promise to not buy any more beauty-related products until my birthday. And, I've thrown out a bunch of stuff I didn't use, and swapped away a few things, too. A pile of sample foundations/ tinted moisturizers. I may have to make an exception for skincare - I'm now out of crappy stuff to shave my legs with so I need to get some oils for that.

Big news is the recent demolition of all my sample-sized liquid foundations and tinted moisturizers. I didn't push myself to use up all of these, but it's nice to not have the packets and vials cluttering up my drawers anymore.

-Hourglass illuminating TM - ivory - This was way too dark! I can't even comment on formula, because I had to wipe it off so quick.

-L'Oreal souffle - the new stuff that comes in the glass jars with the pink lids. This was also too dark, but this time I was smart and did a hand swatch first. I did like the texture, but I'm not sure I'd like it all over my face. Maybe I'd try it if there were a killer sale on.

-Stila illuminating TM (shade 1). If by "illuminating" they mean "make me into an oil slick," then I guess there's truth in advertising. If not, well, er, we have a problem.

-Tarte smooth operator (00, 02). This was pretty good. I think I like Agent 00 better, Agent 02 seemed a little too pink on me. Did a decent job of being lightly moisturizing on its own, and evened out my skin tone. I'd have to try it out again before committing to buying it, though.

-Laura Mercier TM (nude, both regular and oil-free). Both of these were slightly too dark for me. I liked the regular formula better than the oil-free, which seemed somewhat thick and sticky in comparison, but this wasn't the Holy Grail for me or anything. Which I guess is good, because it costs a pretty penny.

-Maybelline FitMe. I got the free sample cards, which give you enough to swatch them. The two lightest colors are the only ones that might have worked - the lightest is too light, though, and the second lightest is too pink. I guess they FitYou if you don't have pale warm skin. For me, it's FitMeNot.

The Tarte was the only winner. I'll have to compare it to Urban Decay Urban Defense and Cover Girl Nature Luxe before I decide which one gets to stay in my routine, though.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Latest empties

1. Liza's lotions blotch-be-gone lotion. Full size tube. I don't think I'll be needing this every night, but it's good to keep around for those times skin goes on a rampage. Liza also has a website! She's not ready to sell through the site yet, but you can email her through the link. You should definitely buy from her, she makes everything herself and loves mixing!

2. Aromaleigh Ondberry sample (darkish reddish purple, a little browner than SN Brimstone, but same idea). This made a surprisingly good one-color shadow when blended out at the edge with a fluffy brush.

3. SN shine (clear) vegan kisser slicker. If you like shiny glossy gloss, this is not for you. It was the only lipbalm like thing I could use for a while, though. I'm starting to go lukewarm on their lip stuff because the colored vegan kisser slickers are impossible to put on without a mirror without looking like you're five. However, Swank (sheer black) and Gilded (sheer gold) rank among my top favorite lip products, because they're not so pigmented they look weird if I go outside of the lines, but they're more interesting than balm.

4. Herbal Essences long term relationship conditioner. Meh. I'm not sure it actually did anything for my hair other than coat it in cones.

5. Dr. Bronner's almond liquid soap. I am officially out of soap! Skin is already less itchy.

ES project pan - 7/8
Lip project pan - 5/5

115 items gone
41 full size items gone

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Destashing, make an offer.

Before I start, please EMAIL ME at emilys.livejournal (at) if you want to make an offer on anything. Buyer to pay shipping.

Suggested prices:
Healthy Wear bronzer - $5
rosewater (80 percent left) - $2
PF gel liners (all only swatched) - $2/pot
PF lipsticks (darker one used 10x, lighter one used 2x) - $2 each
bamboo compact - $3
empty gray compact - $2
Kabukis - $4/each
PF concealer - $2
Meow Sand Dune shadow - $3
EDM mistletoe shadow - $3
aromaleigh red glitter - $3
Hi-Fi last call - $3

But really, make an offer. I want this stuff gone.

Take all the hair stuff for $8 including US shipping.

Another FOTD - green and peach

This one is a couple months old.

I know the eye and lip stuff I used.

1. Lumene primer
2. Fyrinnae Nijiro in tear duct and to highlight
3. SN Superfly on lid
4. Aromaleigh greenbrier on outer V
5. UD Mildew to line
6. Lumene sensitive eyes mascara, blue.

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Gin and Sin lip gloss.

I'm pretty sure this is adorned with Grace's Radiant blush layered over SN's cream Devoted, but I could be wrong.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Exciting non-makeup news

Just submitted the first (of three) chapters of my thesis! Holy crap!

Makeup detox time.

I think I might have a makeup problem. I have too much stuff and not enough face to use it on. So, I'm following this lady's advice and doing her 30-day makeup detox.

It helps that I still have a Morgana order (celebration for getting into a teacher training program) to look forward to, as well as a couple awesome swaps.

No makeup purchases (or skincare or haircare either) until April 21st at the earliest, and if I can hold out until May, even better.

Then I get to make two purchases:
1. Shiro order for my birthday
2. Naked palette for completing my thesis

Anyone else think this is a good idea?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mime makeup with kids!

So, I work with kids. They've been doing a program with a professional mime who comes in to teach them how to pantomime. It's pretty awesome to watch - imagine a six-year-old pretending to be stuck in a box.

Today the mime came back and brought her makeup kit, then taught the kids how to do the mime makeup on each other. Let me just say that it was awesome.

One of the fifth-grade boys was at first really reluctant to participate, and did not enjoy having his classmate apply the stuff to his face. He said that he didn't like the way it felt - and he didn't even like it when his mom wore makeup because "after they have kids, women shouldn't wear makeup anymore." I told him I disagreed, and that I thought any adult who wanted should be able to wear makeup. Eventually, he washed it off only to redo it himself. Turns out that he got a kick out of wearing the stuff and wanted it to be done with greater precision. (His classmate would have gotten it fine, but he kept flinching.)

The littlest kids looked absolutely adorable with their stark white faces and exaggerated eyebrows and lips. Most of the little girls were super into the activity, but the boys got into it later after seeing how much fun the girls were having - even if they did opt for just eyes.

Two of my coworkers also got their faces done, which was extremely entertaining.

I like having a job, so I won't be posting pics, but I can improvise some mime makeup on myself if anyone wants to see that - it won't be pretty but it will be impressive¡

Monday, March 14, 2011

Quickie post - used it!

Aromaleigh Greenbrier shadow sample baggie, from the Spring Solstice collection (grass green)
Aromaleigh Phlox sample (shimmery gray)
Aromaleigh Divine Radiance, Cherry Blossom sample

I can't buy more of any of these, because Aromaleigh is closed now. I liked Greenbrier the best, but Aromaleigh Divine Intervention is similar, and I have a full size of that. Phlox was slightly too cool of a gray for me, but I liked the super shimmer. The Cherry Blossom Divine Radiance was good for lightening the look of too-dark foundation products. Luckily, I still have a 10g jar of EDM light pink AND a 10g jar of the Divine Radiance in another color (Magnolia Blossom)

ES project pan - 6/8
Lip project pan - 4/5

110 items gone
37 full size items gone

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Down the drain - Organix mousse, bonus hair recipe

I poured the last half of my Organix pomegranate green tea mousse down the drain yesterday. It made my hair crunchy, tangly, and didn't really do much for definition.

Also, I got a rebate on it, so it's not like I'm out anything.

Actually, I bought it on sale and I think the rebate amount was for the regular price, so I actually made a profit. Thanks, Organix!

Now all I have in the way of styling products is a tiny thing of hairspray, a homemade oil-cream paste, and some aloe gel - which is also good for other things.

The oil-cream paste comes from a recipe by Fox on a hair forum I belong to.

1 part coconut oil
2 parts shea butter
2 parts conditioner of your choice (I've used both Kiss My Face Whenever and Giovanni Direct Leave in).

Gently melt the oil and butter together, take off heat (or out of microwave), stir in conditioner. Pour into a clean jar. Let solidify.

A teaspoon is a good part size to start with.

Use a small amount to tame flyaway hair or condition the ends.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Old FOTD - plummy goodness

This is back from September, when DBF and I went out to dinner to celebrate eight years together. I don't remember what I used for foundation, but I do remember using Tarte Blushing Bride and awG Zealous on the cheeks, SN Black Dahlia on my lips, and the WnW Lust palette for the eyes. I also lined the lower lashline with the purple Cover Girl liquiline blast and the upper lashline with some black liner I don't remember anymore. I think I was wearing Lash Blast.

I was really disappointed with the color I used in the crease - it looked plummy and shimmery in the pan but transferred onto the lid black, and then refused to blend.

Oh well, it was a night full of good food, and I certainly enjoyed it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More stuff used up!

Hi-Fi lip glaze sample pod - Gin and Sin - pretty color, generally wish to refrain from buying more wand-style products, though. Really liked the feel of the formula, too (and I'll enjoy it in my full size Corrode!)

Self-made blue color - can't make again even if I wanted to (Pops discontinued). I was happy that it seemed to wear almost as well as shadows I've bought.

Pink Quartz Minerals fisherman's lip salve - Not bad if you don't mind a vegetal waxy smell. I really need to start making my own balms soon...

Twink Beauty shampoo bar - tea tree. OK, so shampoo bars don't work for me. Soap in general doesn't work for me where I live right now (oh, to be back in the soft-water Northeast again...). I ended up using this as a body bar in the shower, and it was better/less drying than most soaps. I need detergent-based shampoo in my current shower. If you have soft water and like shampoo bars but don't want to smell all girly, you should buy this.

BeFine lemon foot balm. Not buying again. Best part is how it smells like lemons. However, it's hard to scoop out of the packaging, which is a bivalve clamshell shaped like a lemon - cute as hell but difficult to use. Stick form would have been best for this product.

107 items gone
37 full size items gone

ES project pan - 4/8 (cheated on this, too - bought the Comfort Zone palette - haven't opened it yet!)
Lip project pan - 4/5 (cheated on this - ordered some stuff from Epically Epic Soap)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kind of ranty post

It's not often that I hate the way my makeup looks so much I take it off and start over. Today, I did.

Then, the second try also bombed (except for eyeshadow - I broke out a trusty favorite - Fyrinnae's Equality) because I forgot that mineral foundation didn't play well with the sunblock I had on. But I was stuck with it, and eventually ended up wiping as much face makeup off as I could with a damp paper towel.

Also, I have a huge, painful zit near my right eye.

Also, also, I am pissed at my thesis.
Chapter 1 is almost done, but I can't write the other parts until I finish the rest of it. It also needs some editing, but I have stared at this stuff for months and am sick of it.
Chapter 2 is in the man's hands, he's editing it for grammar and style, and when he's done, I have to edit it for accuracy and crap like that.
So, I just started poking at Chapter 3, which I haven't touched. And translating my own work from Spanish to English in a coherent fashion is not exactly easy. But on the plus side, I have more pages than I thought I did. So now I only have to write about 10-15 pages of new stuff, and the rest of the work is all reworking and summarizing.

And I want a cookie. And then a nap. And I am itchy all over.

But at least I've used up some crap for my face that I kind of hated. Full size stuff, too.

Gone for good:
*Almay Pure Blends "Translucent" shimmer powder - too pink, too sparkly, too dark.
*Urban Decay De-Slick powder - too white, not de-slicking enough.
I ended up crumbling the de-slick powder and mixing it into the Almay. I also added some titanium dioxide and silica powder to the mix in an attempt to make it good. Clearly, I won't be repurchasing any of this. The compact the De-Slick came in is pretty, though.

*Desert Essence Anti-Aging mineral sunblock - spf 30
This left a whitish cast, the sandalwood oil smelled funky, and it ended up kind of thick and greasy on me. So I mixed in some tinted moisturizer to make it more workable. That fixed the too light problem, but not the others.

102 items gone
34 full size items gone