Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thoughts on some recently demolished samples

I am sick again. :( So I haven't worn any makeup really the past few days. I haven't even put real clothes on. (I am making sure to shower and put clean underwear on, though.)

I also am holding steady to my promise to not buy any more beauty-related products until my birthday. And, I've thrown out a bunch of stuff I didn't use, and swapped away a few things, too. A pile of sample foundations/ tinted moisturizers. I may have to make an exception for skincare - I'm now out of crappy stuff to shave my legs with so I need to get some oils for that.

Big news is the recent demolition of all my sample-sized liquid foundations and tinted moisturizers. I didn't push myself to use up all of these, but it's nice to not have the packets and vials cluttering up my drawers anymore.

-Hourglass illuminating TM - ivory - This was way too dark! I can't even comment on formula, because I had to wipe it off so quick.

-L'Oreal souffle - the new stuff that comes in the glass jars with the pink lids. This was also too dark, but this time I was smart and did a hand swatch first. I did like the texture, but I'm not sure I'd like it all over my face. Maybe I'd try it if there were a killer sale on.

-Stila illuminating TM (shade 1). If by "illuminating" they mean "make me into an oil slick," then I guess there's truth in advertising. If not, well, er, we have a problem.

-Tarte smooth operator (00, 02). This was pretty good. I think I like Agent 00 better, Agent 02 seemed a little too pink on me. Did a decent job of being lightly moisturizing on its own, and evened out my skin tone. I'd have to try it out again before committing to buying it, though.

-Laura Mercier TM (nude, both regular and oil-free). Both of these were slightly too dark for me. I liked the regular formula better than the oil-free, which seemed somewhat thick and sticky in comparison, but this wasn't the Holy Grail for me or anything. Which I guess is good, because it costs a pretty penny.

-Maybelline FitMe. I got the free sample cards, which give you enough to swatch them. The two lightest colors are the only ones that might have worked - the lightest is too light, though, and the second lightest is too pink. I guess they FitYou if you don't have pale warm skin. For me, it's FitMeNot.

The Tarte was the only winner. I'll have to compare it to Urban Decay Urban Defense and Cover Girl Nature Luxe before I decide which one gets to stay in my routine, though.

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  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon! And glad to hear you are at least showering :) I have not been hearing many good things about the FitMe foundations. I have been wanting to find a good liquid foundation, just haven't really found one that has caught my interest or is getting good reviews.