Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kind of ranty post

It's not often that I hate the way my makeup looks so much I take it off and start over. Today, I did.

Then, the second try also bombed (except for eyeshadow - I broke out a trusty favorite - Fyrinnae's Equality) because I forgot that mineral foundation didn't play well with the sunblock I had on. But I was stuck with it, and eventually ended up wiping as much face makeup off as I could with a damp paper towel.

Also, I have a huge, painful zit near my right eye.

Also, also, I am pissed at my thesis.
Chapter 1 is almost done, but I can't write the other parts until I finish the rest of it. It also needs some editing, but I have stared at this stuff for months and am sick of it.
Chapter 2 is in the man's hands, he's editing it for grammar and style, and when he's done, I have to edit it for accuracy and crap like that.
So, I just started poking at Chapter 3, which I haven't touched. And translating my own work from Spanish to English in a coherent fashion is not exactly easy. But on the plus side, I have more pages than I thought I did. So now I only have to write about 10-15 pages of new stuff, and the rest of the work is all reworking and summarizing.

And I want a cookie. And then a nap. And I am itchy all over.

But at least I've used up some crap for my face that I kind of hated. Full size stuff, too.

Gone for good:
*Almay Pure Blends "Translucent" shimmer powder - too pink, too sparkly, too dark.
*Urban Decay De-Slick powder - too white, not de-slicking enough.
I ended up crumbling the de-slick powder and mixing it into the Almay. I also added some titanium dioxide and silica powder to the mix in an attempt to make it good. Clearly, I won't be repurchasing any of this. The compact the De-Slick came in is pretty, though.

*Desert Essence Anti-Aging mineral sunblock - spf 30
This left a whitish cast, the sandalwood oil smelled funky, and it ended up kind of thick and greasy on me. So I mixed in some tinted moisturizer to make it more workable. That fixed the too light problem, but not the others.

102 items gone
34 full size items gone

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