Monday, March 21, 2011

Makeup detox time.

I think I might have a makeup problem. I have too much stuff and not enough face to use it on. So, I'm following this lady's advice and doing her 30-day makeup detox.

It helps that I still have a Morgana order (celebration for getting into a teacher training program) to look forward to, as well as a couple awesome swaps.

No makeup purchases (or skincare or haircare either) until April 21st at the earliest, and if I can hold out until May, even better.

Then I get to make two purchases:
1. Shiro order for my birthday
2. Naked palette for completing my thesis

Anyone else think this is a good idea?


  1. Yep! I did my "spring cleaning" on Friday night. Threw a bunch of stuff out. I did a post to giveaway some stuff that was still usable. Got that stuff sent off today. I too have a swap to get stuff sent off for. But I'm committing to a 30 day detox! Will give me a chance to rediscover so of the stuff in my collection that I don't really use.

    And Jenna is right, what are our real motives behind constantly purchasing new products?

  2. OMG, I know, right? I'm going to jury-rig a cardboard palette together for the purpose of unloading some depots I don't ever use.

    I have an UD deluxe palette that I've only swatched. The shame! And I've ended up deciding to swap the vast majority of Physicians Formula products I bought because they were cheap/on sale/I had a coupon. I'm keeping a blush/bronzer duo, some gel liners, and the marker liner. Oh, and the Happy Booster blush. I basically am keeping about five products out of the 12 or so I bought.

  3. We can do it!!!

    I have some killer CVS coupons, but instead of buying makeup and skincare, I'm picking up some stuff for the man, who will reimburse me full price. Result? Free contact solution for me!