Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mime makeup with kids!

So, I work with kids. They've been doing a program with a professional mime who comes in to teach them how to pantomime. It's pretty awesome to watch - imagine a six-year-old pretending to be stuck in a box.

Today the mime came back and brought her makeup kit, then taught the kids how to do the mime makeup on each other. Let me just say that it was awesome.

One of the fifth-grade boys was at first really reluctant to participate, and did not enjoy having his classmate apply the stuff to his face. He said that he didn't like the way it felt - and he didn't even like it when his mom wore makeup because "after they have kids, women shouldn't wear makeup anymore." I told him I disagreed, and that I thought any adult who wanted should be able to wear makeup. Eventually, he washed it off only to redo it himself. Turns out that he got a kick out of wearing the stuff and wanted it to be done with greater precision. (His classmate would have gotten it fine, but he kept flinching.)

The littlest kids looked absolutely adorable with their stark white faces and exaggerated eyebrows and lips. Most of the little girls were super into the activity, but the boys got into it later after seeing how much fun the girls were having - even if they did opt for just eyes.

Two of my coworkers also got their faces done, which was extremely entertaining.

I like having a job, so I won't be posting pics, but I can improvise some mime makeup on myself if anyone wants to see that - it won't be pretty but it will be impressive¡


  1. What fun! Sounds like a fun day on the job! :)

  2. It was! I was sad I had to leave early to get my man from the airport, but it was really awesome. I laughed a lot.

  3. "I like having a job, so I won't be posting pics" LOL what a pity...