Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More stuff used up!

Hi-Fi lip glaze sample pod - Gin and Sin - pretty color, generally wish to refrain from buying more wand-style products, though. Really liked the feel of the formula, too (and I'll enjoy it in my full size Corrode!)

Self-made blue color - can't make again even if I wanted to (Pops discontinued). I was happy that it seemed to wear almost as well as shadows I've bought.

Pink Quartz Minerals fisherman's lip salve - Not bad if you don't mind a vegetal waxy smell. I really need to start making my own balms soon...

Twink Beauty shampoo bar - tea tree. OK, so shampoo bars don't work for me. Soap in general doesn't work for me where I live right now (oh, to be back in the soft-water Northeast again...). I ended up using this as a body bar in the shower, and it was better/less drying than most soaps. I need detergent-based shampoo in my current shower. If you have soft water and like shampoo bars but don't want to smell all girly, you should buy this.

BeFine lemon foot balm. Not buying again. Best part is how it smells like lemons. However, it's hard to scoop out of the packaging, which is a bivalve clamshell shaped like a lemon - cute as hell but difficult to use. Stick form would have been best for this product.

107 items gone
37 full size items gone

ES project pan - 4/8 (cheated on this, too - bought the Comfort Zone palette - haven't opened it yet!)
Lip project pan - 4/5 (cheated on this - ordered some stuff from Epically Epic Soap)


  1. Good job on more stuff used up! And cheating on the project pan!? *gasp* :) I can't help it, I always buy new stuff too!

  2. I think part of my problem is that I like to do swatches of new stuff. Most of my internet shopping lately has been skincare - but I'm certainly abusing the swap/sell forum over at MMF quite a bit. Which reminds me, I need to do a post about my new-to-me goodies soon (most of them actually were unused - high end stuff, too!)