Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashioned in Finland contest

Enter here!

No buy is not for me, maybe.

I think "occasional buy" might work out better.

On Monday, I succumbed to the temptation of CVS's Nuance extrabucks offer. It would have been day 34.

I really wanted a full size of Nuance body firming creme because its chocolate scent is absolutely addicting and I loved it when I tried the sample packets they had available. That's 14.99. So I threw in a cream cleanser for my face (7.99) and went to the register. After a $2 off coupon, the damage was 22.45. But then I got $10 extra bucks!

Which I then spent on soup and granola bars that were on sale and that I was going to buy anyway. So both the lotion and the face wash together really only ran me 12.45. Not too bad, right?

But then I got weak again today. I was going to buy a small planner because I have a second job with occasional irregular hours I need to keep track of, and I also wanted the Fantasy Makers holo glitter. And the coupon machine had given me $5 in extra bucks. During my wander, I saw that Physicians Formula was spend 10 get 7 extra bucks. And the Happy Booster powder still had the $3 off coupon.

So, I went up with the powder, my extra bucks, and my coupon, and shelled out 6.62 for a 13.99+tax product.
Then, they gave me a total of 8 extra bucks (green bag tag!). I spent that on the calendar and glitter I was going to buy anyway, plus a couple snacks. That transaction cost me 62 cents.

For 29.69 total out of pocket, I got:
1. body lotion
2. face wash
3. powder
4. glitter
5. small planner
6. 12 granola bars
7. 4 cans of soup
8. 2 candy bars

Not bad?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Need opinions

In this pic, I'm wearing Morgana Cryptoria Peach Daiquiri lipstick. It's pretty light. Does it really work with my skintone? What kind of other makeup would go best with it?

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I had a bunch of stuff sitting around that wasn't getting used. So, I played mixy-melty!

The project below is a mixture of TKB Rainbow Pops micas that I pressed into an empty eyeshadow compact with some zinc stearate and fractionated coconut oil. I purposely didn't blend super thoroughly so that it would look pretty in the pan. When worn, it's a steely (but not too cool) greenish blue color that makes a very nice crease.

This next project was even more fun.

On the right, I combined a bunch of things: ELF studio Ivory cream liner; Physicians Formula blue eyes trio brown cream liner; and Physicians Formula glam brown eyes trio gold cream liner. Result: taupe cream liner/shadow! This taupe leans cool and can be worn very sheer or more packed on.

On the left, I combined the leftovers from the first batch with Physicians Formula glam brown eyes bronze cream liner; UDPP Greed (half of a deluxe sample); and a squirt of Monistat Anti-Chafing powder gel. Result: golden taupe cream shadow/base. This actually works extremely well - I can put it on my eyelids and somewhat up into the crease, then use a lighter colored shadow from lashline to browbone, and it looks like I used more than one color but doesn't take any more effort than primer+color. It goes on thicker.

Top left: the more golden taupe. Pressed Frankenshadow in the corner.
Bottom left: Frankenshadow applied damp.
Top right: the cooler taupe with a liner brush.
Middle right: the cooler taupe.
Bottom right: Frankenshadow on bare skin.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Detox update

Day 25 of 53 on my newest detox.

I have not bought any new makeup, skincare, haircare, or nail polish for 25 days. Only deodorant, toothpaste, and contact solution.

I'm doing ok with it. I really do have so much stuff it's not even funny. I have a job now, which is nice, but it means I need to be paying down loans for the most part. Instead of buying makeup and other ultimately consumable things, I'm trying to spend my little spending money on things I'll enjoy longer - shoes, some hair forks, and (hopefully) a new-to-me desk to do my makeup at. It'll be better to move my makeup from the bathroom anyway.

Project Use It is transitioning into monthly posts - so expect that at the end of September.

I've also been making franken-everything, and there are pics on my computer that I need to edit and upload.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Morgana Cryptoria Lipsticks!

Before I went on my no-buy, I ordered three lipsticks from Morgana Cryptoria because they were on sale, and I couldn't resist. Or chose not to. Or whatever. I was feeling celebratory over my new job starting. This is my fourth order from them, and it won't be my last. The new ones in this order are starred in the bottom pic.

The first time I ordered, I got a full size of Azalea Blue and samples of Coraline's Kiss and Watermelon. Turned out that Azalea Blue just did not work for me - the texture was much drier than I expected, and it was too cool-toned for my skin. So I swapped it. I emailed Melissa, the owner, about the texture because I thought something was wrong with it. She told me that different colors have different textures due to the colorants varying from shade to shade, and offered me a store credit to keep my happy. Since I fell in love with the other samples, on my second try, I ordered those in full size. Love. Neither color is available anymore - but there's a similar color to Coraline's Kiss in the new lip balm formula, which I haven't tried. It's called Coraline's Doppelganger.

My third order was for Peach Daiquiri, Very Strawberry, and Roses and Violets. I have a bit of a struggle making Peach Daiquiri work for me as it's really, really pale, and my lips are fairly pigmented on their own. It's good for lightening other colors or using over a dark lip crayon. But, the other two are great. Anyone could wear Roses and Violets in even a very conservative office. Along with that order, I also got samples of Tangerine Twist, Gilded Lime, and Fire in the Sky. I instantly wished I'd gotten a full size of the TT, and had a bit of fun trying out green and blue around the apartment - then working them into frankens I'd wear outside the house.

Then, I won Just Peachy from Jill, at The Peach. Just Peachy is darker enough from Peach Daiquiri that I can wear it for a "nude" look.

A few weeks ago, I ordered the last three members of my Morgana collection: Violet Banana, Tangerine Twist, and Speakeasy (from the 1920s collection). Speakeasy was cooler and darker than I expected, but it ended up working really well. I'll be using a sheer wash of this as a stain. I'm thrilled to own Tangerine Twist, and even more thrilled to have gotten it on sale.

Violet Banana; however, is my surprise favorite. I knew ordering yellow was a big risk, but it seemed to come off more gold in other bloggers' swatches. So, I took the plunge, and I'm glad I did. On me, it's a multi-dimensional golden nude effect. Since my lips are so pink to begin with, the pink and the yellow make an orangey gold. It's also sheer enough that it can be worn really subtly. Nude lipsticks usually look somewhere between odd and awful on me, but this could cancel out some of my natural lipcolor without erasing them entirely. I have small lips, and a big face. I don't like it when my lips disappear.

Since anything with beeswax in it will cause blisters within minutes, it's really nice to have an option of fun colors of excellent quality that are vegan and safe. They really are worth the wait. I'm still waiting for an opportunity to order Plumeria, Dianthus, Gilded Cerise, Very Cherry (which has returned! Dang no buy!), and all of the sheer lip balms (they would be great for work!). I'm also sitting on my hands waiting for the gel lipsticks, which seem really interesting. Melissa has also just put out a bunch of lipglosses, and I think I want to try one - only thing putting me off it is that I detest wand style lip stuff.

She's back open tonight or tomorrow, so check her out.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nails of the Moment - Warm Gray

Orly Bonder
Gray franken
Sally Hansen silver crackle on ring fingers
Orly Glosser

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The "making of" the green lipgloss franken

Avocado butter, meadowfoam seed oil, green lipstick sample, clear gloss.

Melted and mixed together!

Let's add some mica!

All mixed up!

Result: Also, I added some red lipstick and red blush to half of it to get a red gloss with green reflects.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Inspired by Jill - DIY lotion combo!

Jill, the lovely lady behind Just Peachy, recently inspired me to try my hand at combining lotions.

So I did! I didn't take pictures, but I could snap one of the resulting product, if you want!

I combined:
~ 2.5 oz. of Alba Botanica Mineral Facial Sunblock Fragrance Free SPF 20
~ half a jar of Garnier Nutrisse Refreshing Gel Cream oil-free moisturizer
and a 2 oz. travel-size Ecotools Body Lotion.

The result is a somewhat runny lotion that still has some heft to it and also provides an initial cooling sensation upon application. The sunblock itself was way too thick, pasty, and white for even my pale face, but I figure the zinc oxide in it is good for calming irritated skin. The body lotion was just nothing special, and the gel cream, well, I'll talk more about that when I finish the other half of the jar. It's ok, but I still think I do better with a serum or hydrating mist under an oil-containing moisturizer.

One-year anniversary of Project Use It!

And I've used 200 products total, and 73 of those were full-size products. :D
I will probably be continuing this as a biweekly or monthly thing, but thanks for coming along for the ride on this! I've also bought new stuff, so my collection is still huge, but now I'm not buying anything until October 15th at the earliest.

*Shiseido SPF 60+ sunblock liquid for face and body. Sample size. Would buy again. I like zinc-based sunblocks and trust them to keep me safe.

*First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (sample packet). Eh. I think there are cheaper ways to cover myself in oatmealy goodness.

*Milani Eye Tech liquid eyeliner pen - black. Fine product, now I'm onto the Physicians Formula one. Liquid eyeliner pens are the best form of black eyeliner for me, because I can get the line down really really thin and precise.