Friday, September 30, 2011

No buy is not for me, maybe.

I think "occasional buy" might work out better.

On Monday, I succumbed to the temptation of CVS's Nuance extrabucks offer. It would have been day 34.

I really wanted a full size of Nuance body firming creme because its chocolate scent is absolutely addicting and I loved it when I tried the sample packets they had available. That's 14.99. So I threw in a cream cleanser for my face (7.99) and went to the register. After a $2 off coupon, the damage was 22.45. But then I got $10 extra bucks!

Which I then spent on soup and granola bars that were on sale and that I was going to buy anyway. So both the lotion and the face wash together really only ran me 12.45. Not too bad, right?

But then I got weak again today. I was going to buy a small planner because I have a second job with occasional irregular hours I need to keep track of, and I also wanted the Fantasy Makers holo glitter. And the coupon machine had given me $5 in extra bucks. During my wander, I saw that Physicians Formula was spend 10 get 7 extra bucks. And the Happy Booster powder still had the $3 off coupon.

So, I went up with the powder, my extra bucks, and my coupon, and shelled out 6.62 for a 13.99+tax product.
Then, they gave me a total of 8 extra bucks (green bag tag!). I spent that on the calendar and glitter I was going to buy anyway, plus a couple snacks. That transaction cost me 62 cents.

For 29.69 total out of pocket, I got:
1. body lotion
2. face wash
3. powder
4. glitter
5. small planner
6. 12 granola bars
7. 4 cans of soup
8. 2 candy bars

Not bad?


  1. Not bad at all! :D as long as you are not spending extravagantly, why not treat yourself a little? :)

  2. Hehe - especially since, normal price, that would have gotten me the lotion and the powder.

    I do have two jobs!

  3. Not bad! I hear you about the no buy. I've kind of been on a low buy and doing well with it. Its like when you tell yourself no you can't have something, makes you want it even more! But you have been doing great! And yes, since you have two jobs, you can splurge every now and then! ;)