Thursday, September 22, 2011


I had a bunch of stuff sitting around that wasn't getting used. So, I played mixy-melty!

The project below is a mixture of TKB Rainbow Pops micas that I pressed into an empty eyeshadow compact with some zinc stearate and fractionated coconut oil. I purposely didn't blend super thoroughly so that it would look pretty in the pan. When worn, it's a steely (but not too cool) greenish blue color that makes a very nice crease.

This next project was even more fun.

On the right, I combined a bunch of things: ELF studio Ivory cream liner; Physicians Formula blue eyes trio brown cream liner; and Physicians Formula glam brown eyes trio gold cream liner. Result: taupe cream liner/shadow! This taupe leans cool and can be worn very sheer or more packed on.

On the left, I combined the leftovers from the first batch with Physicians Formula glam brown eyes bronze cream liner; UDPP Greed (half of a deluxe sample); and a squirt of Monistat Anti-Chafing powder gel. Result: golden taupe cream shadow/base. This actually works extremely well - I can put it on my eyelids and somewhat up into the crease, then use a lighter colored shadow from lashline to browbone, and it looks like I used more than one color but doesn't take any more effort than primer+color. It goes on thicker.

Top left: the more golden taupe. Pressed Frankenshadow in the corner.
Bottom left: Frankenshadow applied damp.
Top right: the cooler taupe with a liner brush.
Middle right: the cooler taupe.
Bottom right: Frankenshadow on bare skin.


  1. Awesome! I haven't don't any frankening or pressing for quite a while. I think maybe you just gave me some motivation to do some this weekend! What a great idea to mix stuff with the Monistat gel! I bet that works well as a base!

  2. That blend of the pop's color look so cool the way it's pressed. :)

  3. Jill - DO IT!!!! DOOO ITTTTT!!!

    Susan - Thanks! That means a lot coming from a pro like you!