Friday, September 2, 2011

One-year anniversary of Project Use It!

And I've used 200 products total, and 73 of those were full-size products. :D
I will probably be continuing this as a biweekly or monthly thing, but thanks for coming along for the ride on this! I've also bought new stuff, so my collection is still huge, but now I'm not buying anything until October 15th at the earliest.

*Shiseido SPF 60+ sunblock liquid for face and body. Sample size. Would buy again. I like zinc-based sunblocks and trust them to keep me safe.

*First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (sample packet). Eh. I think there are cheaper ways to cover myself in oatmealy goodness.

*Milani Eye Tech liquid eyeliner pen - black. Fine product, now I'm onto the Physicians Formula one. Liquid eyeliner pens are the best form of black eyeliner for me, because I can get the line down really really thin and precise.

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  1. Yay! Thats awesome for keeping up on this for a year! You have been so motivating for me! I've been continuing to focus on getting stuff used up. I've been minimizing the stuff I purchase (well, stuff besides shadows!) and trying to keep the clutter of stuff down!