Thursday, March 10, 2011

Down the drain - Organix mousse, bonus hair recipe

I poured the last half of my Organix pomegranate green tea mousse down the drain yesterday. It made my hair crunchy, tangly, and didn't really do much for definition.

Also, I got a rebate on it, so it's not like I'm out anything.

Actually, I bought it on sale and I think the rebate amount was for the regular price, so I actually made a profit. Thanks, Organix!

Now all I have in the way of styling products is a tiny thing of hairspray, a homemade oil-cream paste, and some aloe gel - which is also good for other things.

The oil-cream paste comes from a recipe by Fox on a hair forum I belong to.

1 part coconut oil
2 parts shea butter
2 parts conditioner of your choice (I've used both Kiss My Face Whenever and Giovanni Direct Leave in).

Gently melt the oil and butter together, take off heat (or out of microwave), stir in conditioner. Pour into a clean jar. Let solidify.

A teaspoon is a good part size to start with.

Use a small amount to tame flyaway hair or condition the ends.


  1. Fox's Shea Butter Creme. Good stuff. :D

    I won't go anywhere near Organix. That stuff is like rocket fuel to my hair. Shampoo, conditioner, styling products, they all make my hair look and feel like a haystack about to spontaneously combust. I tried their products and ended up returning them. Yuk!

  2. I haven't ever tried any Organix products and have no desire to. The shea butter paste sounds awesome! I may have to try making some!

  3. See, I like the Organix coconut serum, so I thought I might like the mousse. I didn't.

    I also didn't like the pomegranate serum, so maybe I just have the one product that works for me.

    The shampoo does not appeal to me - it's similar in ingredients to the VitaminShampoo stuff I tried a while ago and ended up finishing off as body wash. Cones do not go in my 'poo because they gunk up my scalp.

    At least I didn't lose any money on it - and the coconut serum was also a try me free deal. Fun fact: I will try almost anything with a try me free rebate, unless I'm allergic to something in it or it smells awful.

  4. And also, Fox's shea butter cream is one of the best things ever. I'm thinking of scenting my current batch with some lemon oil...