Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Used up a shadow sample, chucked a bunch of other things

The one thing I used up:
SN Superfly shadow sample baggie (cross between lime green and olive drab - yellow shimmer). I actually really liked this - I might get it in the future.

Then, I had two wand-style products I'd had way past the expiration date that I needed to stop using.
- Gabriel Color lip gloss in Nectar. Why, oh why, did they have to package this wand style? I really liked the formula and color, but the natural/organic nature of it meant that after having it for two years it smelled funky. I'd consider buying it again in a future where I'm actually decently compensated for my work, but would probably decant it into squeeze tubes.

- Lumene Sensitive Eyes mascara - blue. I'm feeling kind of paranoid about eye health since I got pinkeye last month, and I've had this well over the recommended six months (I think I still lived in my old apartment when I got it, so at least eight). I wish I could buy it here. The brown used to be one of my two go-to items (the other was a pressed powder foundation) for getting myself out of the house in time to teach at 8 a.m.

Then I gave up on a few things:
-Pink Quartz Minerals shadow in Hot Cocoa. This brown was not special enough. I have other browns I like better. Thus, it's getting swapped away.

-2 Sally Hansen nail pens. I have not found a good way to use these without making a mess. Some polish always semi-dries on the brush (even with the lid tightly capped) and makes a smooth, even application impossible.

ES project pan - 3/8
Lip project pan - 2/5

99 items gone
31 full size items gone

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