Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Used it! (and introducing a few project pans)

I used up five more things - most of them samples, but it's still good!

SN Trouble shadow sample baggie - beige pink shimmer. Not bad for a lid color, but I'm usually more into brown or taupe than brownish pink. Too dark for a highlight.

SN Go shadow sample baggie - slightly bluish green. Marketed as being the color of a green traffic light - I don't think it's that bright, but I do like it. I'm seriously considering getting this in full size.

SN Guava blush sample. I liked this, but I'm not sure I like it better than adorned with Grace Beautiful, which I already have in full size. The awG is less shimmery for sure (by a lot) but the colors are pretty similar. I might get it anyway, though, because the formula is fairly goof proof.

Neutrogena Sensitive Skin SPF 30 sunblock. Full size! Disclosure - I used this up as a shaving lotion, because it expired this January and otherwise I wasn't going to use this up. I like that this was a physical blocker, but don't like how white it made me or its texture.

Giovanni Hydrate body lotion travel size tube- Grapefruit Sky. I liked it alright. The man did not enjoy the scent. I'm not in love with it enough to smell unappealing.

Also, I've made a few new rules:
No new eyeshadow until I use up 8 of the ones I already have.
No new lip stuff until I use up 5 lip products.

ES project pan - 2/8
Lip project pan - 0/5

92 items gone
27 full size items gone


  1. Interesting idea to use the expired sunblock as a shaving lotion! And I should really consider not buying anything until I start using more sutff up...but I can't help it!

  2. Haha, don't I know it! (Un)Fortunately for me, I have a grad school fee, car insurance, and teacher testing expenses all due soon - so much new makeup is out of the question. I do need more sunblock for my face, though, so I might be taking advantage of CVS's Garnier buy $20 get $10 extra bucks...

    I have a drawer in my makeup boxes devoted entirely to stuff I'm trying to finish off...