Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice day fantasy shopping

I'm home from work today because my city is iced up. It's kind of crazy! The man and I spent half an hour scraping ice off my car, and that was AFTER letting it run for 15 minutes. Now I'm just hoping that not too much more crap accumulates on it.

I'm kind of on a very low buy right now because I have very little money right now due to most of it going to bills and such. (Boo!)

So anyway, I thought I'd think about how to spend the money I don't have, and what might I buy once my financial picture improves a bit:

1. Physicians Formula airbrushing kabuki brush. I have not seen this anywhere! :( Did I mention that it's blue?

2. Wet n Wild Comfort Zone 8-pan palette. This should be a cheap thrill, but I'm making myself use up 8 eyeshadows first.

3. Shiro Cosmetics Kawaiishadow collection. I don't really have much in the way of pastels. These look beautiful. Also some of the intertubes lip products also look awesome. I can't really pull off blue or purple, but there's a nice looking reddish pink.

4. Some stuff from Scaredy Cat - I'd like some sample vials and a full size Love Stinks. I think if the packaging were normal, I wouldn't want it. But it's adorable, so I do. She's smart.

5. A few lip tints from Epically Epic Soap, and maybe a lotion tin, too (I'd love to smear some nice smelling gunk on my hand eczema for once - a nice balm would stay put and leave the rest of my hands free of gunkiness.)

6. Sobe Botanicals - most interested in the lip products, but a few of the eyeshadows look nice too (Extra Virgin and Blue Moon mostly - blue grays usually look terrible on me, but this one is warm-toned, so it might work. And you know me and my love of green eyeshadow *heart*.)

7. I'm not sure if I even want this, since I found that the Femme Naturale colors all turned kind of muddy on me with wear, but Tarte has a new palette out with mostly neutral colors - it comes with a brown gel pencil liner. Mostly I just love the exterior of the palette - it's so pretty.
I've also been waffling over the Naked palette. But I want the double-ended liner, and not the brush. One or the other will be my graduation present to myself - but that's not until May.

Anyway, anyone tried any of this stuff? Thoughts? Care to share your fantasy shopping lists?


  1. That sucks that you are caught up in the bad weather. But being home is a great time to play with makeup or fantasy shop! The Shiro pastel collection looks great. I think I do have some pastels in my collection! I've been browsing Epically Epic here recently. Their lotion tins look fun!

    I did place a small order with Brazen the other day. Did you browse their shop at all?

  2. A little bit. I liked the sweetheart collection, but wasn't sure if it wasn't too similar to the kawaiishadow, which I want more. Looking forward to hearing what you think about them!

  3. Shoot, I forgot to put the Kawaii shadows on mine since I already have a Shiro order coming xD I want Comfort Zone too! I haven't seen the 8 pans anywhere yet.