Wednesday, January 26, 2011

another Used It!

Back (sort of). Chapter 1 is now a lot more citation-rich, and I'm hoping to send it off to my committee soon. It's pretty stressful, still, but I have a better idea of what I need to do now than I used to, and more realistic goals, too.

Anyway, I used some stuff up.

1. Silk Naturals eyelash serum. I didn't notice a really big difference in my eyelashes, but I did use it on an area of my brows I used to overpluck, and now I'm happy with them again. My biggest complaint about this product is the packaging - the pump dispenses more than you need, and it seems unsanitary to have to use the pump tube as a wand. If this came in a squeeze dropper bottle, it would be awesome. I will probably not buy again, as I'm now satisfied with my brows and don't really want to reintroduce another step to my nighttime routine.

2. Best Bath Store acne bar. Not bad, but also not a miracle worker. I don't really know how I ended up with so much soap - my water's hard enough to chew and it never rinses well enough.

3. Sephora mattifying primer sample. Eh. It didn't work with a liquidy base over it - maybe it would have been better with a powder. It looked to be entirely silicones and preservatives, so I'm not sure what part was supposed to mattify - it didn't.

87 items gone
26 full size items gone

Also, you followers are comment shy. Don't be! I love feedback.

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