Friday, January 7, 2011

Recent Physicians Formula haul

Hey yous!

So, as you may know, Physicians Formula (my favorite drugstore brand) just released a bunch of new stuff. CVS is also having their beauty clearance sale, and a bunch of older Physicians Formula stuff is on sale for 75% off.

I have bought:
The new Mineral Wear nude liquid primer
The new Happy Booster blush
Mineral Wear pressed powder - Soft Green (this formula - they seem to be phasing this product out)
Mineral Wear blush - blushing glow
Healthy Wear bronzer - fair
Shimmer strips duo liner and shadow - hazel eyes

I still need to fill out the rebate form for the primer (yay almost free stuff!), the Happy Wear blush had a $3 off coupon, and the other stuff was all on sale for 75% off.

I haven't tried the primer yet - but even if it doesn't work, I won't be too sad since it was pretty much free with the cost of a stamp.

I do like the Happy Booster blush - it's kind of what I was hoping the shimmer strips blushes would be, except that those are all full of frosty 80s shimmer that I did not want. Happy Booster offers more of a glow than blinding frostiness, which is good.

The Mineral Wear blush is also nice - good for a goof-proof, shimmer-free wash of color. The color I got is a light apricot, which is good for days I don't want pink but I still want color.

I'm hoping the green powder will be nice as well - sometimes all I have to cover is a bit of redness, and not wearing any powder makes me an oil slick in short order. I used to really like the translucent shade of this product before I got into loose stuff, so if this works out as great, I'll be happy.

Last time I tried a Healthy Wear bronzer, I'm pretty sure it was the Light, which was too dark. The Fair seems to work a bit better. I like that it's matte because that's better for contouring and not making me look like a clown. Seriously - this one time in high school I was in a play and the lady doing my makeup to make me look old made me look liked I'd been horribly disfigured in an explosion or something. So not cool. This bronzer should not have that effect.

Last but not least - the duo liner/shadow. Look at the picture in the link. See the tiny colored ends of the wand? That's all the color you get. It's a very small amount. The product seemed fine when I swatched it, but I'm thinking it'll go quickly.

This company also has a few other products out there that I'm dying to try - if the new airbrushing brush is actually really soft, I might be interested in that. I'm also keeping my eyes out for the lash boosting eyeliner pens (I want to snag one with a rebate sticker) and the Glam Collection shimmer strips gel liners for brown eyes - but I'll have to wait until those are a little more commonplace and go on sale.

Physicians Formula isn't half bad - they just seem to be very hit or miss for me. I either love their stuff or hate it (I'm looking at you, shimmer strips bronzer and all Organic Wear products I've tried, as well as the funky smelling Bamboo Wear powder inserts).

I'm such a sucker for anything they put out - thankfully I'm not interested in the other new Mineral Wear products or the new Shimmer Strips eyeshadows.

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