Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Physicians Formula haulage wasn't over!

So, I'm getting over a cold. I did have to call in yesterday, but in the process of getting cold meds also got a CVS coupon for $10 off Physicians Formula foundations, powders, blushes, or bronzers. This week, those things happen to be $7 off at CVS already. They also have some clearance stuff still out.

So, I bought:

Physicians Formula organic blush/bronzer duo - usually $13
Physicians Formula Solar bronzer - usually $12
Physicians Formula Plump Potion lipstick - usually $11

So, my total out-of-pocket expense for two bronzers and two lipsticks was $5.75, or on average less than $1.50 for all four things. My haul would have cost $36 full price, but THE LIPSTICK WAS A TWO-FER PACK!

So, I really got $47 worth of stuff for $5.75.

I think I'll like the stuff after I play with it some more - the lipsticks were a bit of a risk, but they don't have beeswax, rosemary, or lanolin (the stuff that breaks them out), so I'm hoping they'll be safe.

Still no sign of the new products I'm interested in, yet, though... :(

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