Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday night sick post

It's Sunday night and I have a cold. The handful of ibuprofen I took an hour ago is starting to make a dent on the achiness and the headache, but my throat is angry. The man made me tea and ordered in won ton soup, which helped a little, and I watched a lot of stupid TV and looked at lots of pretty pictures of makeup on the internet.

Earlier today before I felt like such crap, I became annoyed at how many of my 5g jars had stickers on the clear lids obscuring the contents from view when stored upright. So I pulled them off - there was still all the info on the bottom sticker. Now I need to go buy some Goo Gone, but I can see the colors without picking up the jars. I also sorted the shadows by color instead of by brand, which is helpful. I own a lot of green and blue. Mostly green. I also have nice small collections of neutrals. Pinks, purples, orange, red, and yellow are all sharing another drawer. Looking at that drawer makes me think of a fiery sunset.

I also mixed Fire Opal and Copper from Pink Quartz together because I liked them better mixed together than separately. It lightened the copper to dark peach and gave it a light purple duochrome. Then I used the jars for a couple baggie samples from HiFi. Seriously, if you like fun colors in manageable sizes at low prices, get some baggie samples from HiFi because they are amazing. I can't believe I paid so much more at Pink Quartz for the same amount of an inferior product. Pink Quartz stuff has almost no adhesion and goes on much sheerer than you'd like it to. By "no adhesion" I mean that I can swatch it on bare skin, run water over the swatch, and have most of it rinse away. HiFi swatches stick around a little harder. HiFi shadows are creamy and give you a solid swipe of beautiful color.

But now I am sick, and it sucks. I hope I don't have to call into work tomorrow because then I lose pay. :( I also hope this is just a cold and not a doctor-requiring illness, because my health insurance has a nasty habit of not paying for any of my care.

I need a good job with good benefits. And soon.

This has been a more ranty than usual post. I do not apologize.

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