Friday, February 11, 2011

Basic advice on buying good product on the Internet

I wrote this on a forum I'm on after being surprised by the number of people recommending products by known repackagers (or people who just mix mica with a base). The member had also recommended EDM and Aromaleigh. The former I won't buy from, and the latter nobody can anymore. :(

Anyway, I thought it was a helpful summation of everything I know about how to buy good makeup over the Internet.

"I don't shop at Everyday Minerals anymore, and haven't in over a year. This is why.

Aromaleigh is also closed now, she started the process over the summer. I'm still pretty bummed about that.

Other companies I've personally found trustworthy and high-quality:
1. Fyrinnae - hands down your best choice for bright eyeshadow
2. adorned with Grace minerals (excellent foundations for warm toned fair-to-medium ladies, wonderful blushes)
3. Silk Naturals - excellent everything, also has lip stuff and skin care.
4. Hi-Fi cosmetics (etsy) - good stuff!
5. Darling Girl cosmetics (ecrater) - she's new to the game, but her stuff is really, really good.
6. Meow (though you want to wait for their free shipping specials - normally they gouge you on that)
7. Sassy Minerals (I forgot this one in the post, but I have stuff I'd like to get from them.)

Some new ones I've heard positive things about from bloggers I trust but haven't tried yet because I have bills to pay instead: Brazen Cosmetics, Shiro Cosmetics, Scaredy Cat cosmetics, Sobe botanicals

This is an old post by Phyrra, but it's a helpful guide to seeing if the company you want to buy from is a good bet.

You ALWAYS want to google a new-to-you company plus the word "repackage" because otherwise you might end up paying top dollar for unblended mica, which will fall off if you don't have a base and means that the "creator" hasn't been doing anything more "creative" than transferring powder from baggies into jars and "creating" the idea that she made them herself. If you want unblended mica, you can get entire tablespoons direct from the supplier, TKB trading. The TABLESPOON of product in their smallest size only costs $1.50, so you could get 14 colors and just meet the order minimum.

Also, some companies have been remarkably unscrupulous in selling unsafe product, harming people, and somehow getting away with it. This post by Ana of Lipsticks and Lightsabers horrifies me in more ways than one."

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