Saturday, July 2, 2011

Request for technical help:

So, I'm taking this class. Technology is a main part of this class. For this blog, I use my primary Google account. This class has a blogger blog, too, and all I wanted was to hide my profile from that blog and its viewers - which, because it's shared, I don't have access to the settings. I love makeup blogging, but my professional world doesn't need to know that.

I've managed to hide my "official" profile from the entire Internet and replace it on here with an Emily's Makeup Box-specific profile (hence the previous post), so you can still see a bunch of my info, and I can now tailor it more specifically to you.

However, by having hidden my profile entirely, nobody can click on my name when I post comments on other blogs and find anything out about me, or learn about my makeup blog. Does anybody know a way to work around this? Like is there a way to have clicking on my name/photo lead to the blog itself? Or should I start using a signature on all my comments? How do I do that easily?

Stupid Internet.


  1. Below comments, there's a 'Comment as' dropdown. You can select 'Name/URL' or OpenID (if you have an OpenID).