Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Non-makeupey post

Day 18 of detox - and I want to buy stuff!

Onto some more products that I'm trying to use up - anyone have any ideas what to do with bright pink other than use it with a highlight shade and black liner?

I have cramps today that are pissing me off.

And my thesis is pissing me off.

But at least I can read and write in two languages, so I should quit beefin' and feel blessed, but I need to get this damn project done so I can be ready for teacher training this summer. I am going to be having some intense experiences.

And I made potato-leek soup, and that was good.


  1. Hooray for soup! I like to wear bright pink as a lid color.

  2. Isn't soup great? I get to have it again tomorrow!

  3. How funny that you want to buy stuff! I do too! I was getting posts lined out and for my Sunday update, I have a paragraph about being stressed and wanting to buy makeup! But I haven't and I know you can make it 30 days too!

    Bright pink... on the lid with a smokey purple or grey in the crease? Or foil it and use it as a liner?

    Hang in there on the thesis! And yay for soup! Sounds awesome!

  4. Right now, I'm using the bright pink as a lid color, which is working ok. I don't think a gray would look good on me - it's hard because the cool grays clash with my warm coloring.

    I reshuffled my shopping list - so now I'm planning on getting a Tarte set from Ulta and some stuff from the Korres warehouse sale (if still available) after the no-buy is over.

    Thesis sucks. Big time. And I have to work on more job applications. But I need this last push of work so that I can move on to more meaningful life activities. Blargh. Hopefully I'm not being an idiot for complaining where the whole Internet can see it.