Sunday, May 15, 2011

Detox Day 29

Ok, so if my no-buy is technically "makeup only," then I'm still ok. I went to CVS yesterday because I needed a few things, and came home with a Wet N Wild nail polish, a facial scrub/cleanser, and a waterproof spray sunblock (which I actually do need, as I just found out that I'll be chaperoning weekly field trips in June and July's Midwestern heat and humidity).

And I don't have a polish problem - this is only bottle 27.

Yesterday I also ordered some stuff from Garden of Wisdom, I'm expecting some lemon eucalyptus essential oil, a cedarwood essential oil, meadowfoam oil, a hair serum, a face mask, and some cromollient. The first three are going into an aromatherapy rollerball for when I have migraines, and the cromollient is going to be really good for making my own cleansing oils, and if I add a little bit to my shaving oil, maybe it'll stop gunking up the tub so much. The mask and hair stuff were throw-ins, really.

Then I decided to take a few things off Liza's overstock - her blotch-be-gone is really worth it.

So as a "no beauty products whatsoever" no-buy, I totally fail. I definitely have new skincare stuff, but stuff I know I'll actually use. Stuff to keep my face clear, sunblock, and something I hope will help with migraines (my preferred medication has been discontinued!) all kind of count as more health-related than anything (well, except the nail polish).

As far as what to buy when the no-buy was over, I thought about getting some stuff from the Korres warehouse sale, but then I decided against it. The I thought about getting a Tarte value kit from Ulta, but decided that the only thing I really wanted was the mascara. Then, I thought about doing an All Cosmetics Wholesale order, but now I think supporting Darling Girl would be better - especially since she has lip balms I can use now.

Then next month, Shiro. I'm going to let her get her website up and running really well before I splurge on kawaiishadows and longcat intertube.

I guess this was useful. Thinking that a smart buy is a better option for me long term.

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  1. You are still doing great! One more day to go! I did a skin care order myself, so don't feel too bad! I've been plotting my next few orders. Going to jump on Darling Girl right away. I'm also plotting Inglot, but still not sure about high end cosmetics yet!