Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Public Safety Alert

So, if you're into making Frankenpolishes, or just want to start, I have a bit of an FYI. Maybe you can learn from my mistakes.

See, I've only tried two frankens in the past - and both were adding mica to clear polish, and neither worked great. So I decided to try again, this time using only different nail polishes.

And, having recently acquired five new polishes,* I decided to make room by consolidating some stuff.

I had half a bottle of clear nail polish, to which I added the following:
The remnants of a Sally Girl dark red creme mini,
The remnants of a Sally Girl orange red sparkle mini,
a bunch of a milky pale pink,
and some creme bright red.

Things were looking pretty, but I just had to take my experiment a bit further.

I dripped in some of my white nail polish pen. Too much of my white nail polish pen. Enough so that it looked like it would overflow if I closed the bottle.

Thinking ahead, I put a ratty old towel down, figuring that if it overflowed, it would just spill out, and I could wipe it up later.

That's not what happened. Instead, the bottle shattered, and I had a mess of broken glass and spilled nail polish on my old rag, spilling over to the bathroom counter.**


On the plus side, now it's like I only increased my collection by two, instead of five.

*Wet N Wild spring collection pastel purple
and blue,
Wet N Wild Mermaid's Cove collection Waves of Enchantment
Sinful Colors neon purple
Sally Hansen shatter polish in Fractured Foil

** The ELF nail polish remover wipes actually worked ok for getting the stain out of the counter (not the entire mess, just the part that wouldn't come off with a tissue alone). Bonus for not dissolving the counter!


  1. Wow. That's crazy!
    I got one of the Wnw Mermaid's collection in Diving for Pearls. They had some really pretty colors on the display I saw.

  2. That sucks! I haven't had that happen before! But thanks for sharing! I usually franken at the dining room table, covered in newspaper. I would be pissed if a bottle broke on me!

  3. Ack! I hope you didn't get cut!