Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some thoughts on finishing powders

Someone over at Chanty's mineral makeup forum posted a question about finishing powders, which got me thinking about the ones I've tried. Here's my thoughts on them:

1. EDM's (discontinued) Silk Powder - I loved this. It was the first EDM product I ever used a full size of up, and I got it at the same time as the Natural Reflections, in my first non-sample EDM order.

2. TKB Trading Micronized Silk Powder - got this because I loved EDM's and couldn't get it anymore. The tablespoon sample baggie and a 25g jar to put it in cost me less than an EDM sample. I reach for this most of the time now, and when I run out, it's only $1.50 for a new baggie (though the company has a $20 order minimum, but I always want at least that much stuff from them).

3. EDM's Natural Reflections (light) - I haven't noticed any good oil control benefits or that it sets my makeup particularly well, but I do use it for added sun protection. I'm down from a full size jar to a 10g size jar. It was one of the first EDM products I bought in a full size.

4. Fyrinnae Fluff. I have a 10g jar, which is fine as I don't use it often, but it has a blurred soft-focus effect. I can toss it and a baby buki in my bag if I need to touch up later. I've also used it without makeup to reduce shine and blur imperfections.

5. EDM's Start-to-Finish Kaolin. I disliked this enough to give it away mostly full. I don't think my face likes kaolin.

6. Fyrinnae Oil Control mineral powder. I bought this in a full size and wish I hadn't. Again, my face doesn't like kaolin. I should have known. I am using it as a base for DIY eyeshadow projects.

7. Physician's Formula MineralWear pressed powder. I used this for years, but it irritated my skin. Maybe I should have tried it with better brushes, but I think it might have been the product.

In the distant past, I also tried the Corn Silk powder in the blue compact (grainy and itchy making!), and Bonne Bell used to make pressed powder that I used in my teens. At one point, I tried Cover Girl's loose powder and it was also ok, if nothing special.

I am expecting to get one of Physician's Formula new precious gems pressed powders (no scary ingredients!) sometime soon, and I am also waiting on a sample of SN's Date Bait.

I currently own the TKB Trading silk powder, EDM Natural Reflections Light, Fyrinnae Fluff, and Fyrinnae Oil Control Mineral powder.

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