Tuesday, January 12, 2010

EOTD - Aromaleigh Opulent Lustres

Hey all! I'm having a craptastic time lately, but one thing that always cheers me up is sparkle and shimmer. These aren't the best EOTD pictures I've ever taken, but I had them on my computer and wanted to share. The first look is primarily Aromaleigh Opulent Lustres, which I get compliments on when I wear, and the second is some light purple stuff - I forget which exactly.

Products used:
Fyrinnae shadow primer.
Fyrinnae pixie epoxy on lid.
Aromaleigh Opulent Lustre in Ginger on inner third of lid.
Aromaleigh Opulent Lustre in Tea on center third of lid.
Aromaleigh Opulent Lustre in Jasmine on outer third of lid.
Aromaleigh Gothic Lolita Burnt Roses to line.
Lavera mascara in black brown.

The green and purple show up more in real life. These are great shadows. It's sparkly, but appropriate for everyday.

I'm not really sure about what I used here, but there's probably some combination of EDM's Hot Chocolate (which is the best color of my last order ever from them), Aromaleigh Opulent Lustre (Jasmine), and Silk Naturals Sonic. I don't remember which I put where, but I thought it was pretty. I wore a purple shirt that day and it matched.

Shiny=happy. Now let's hope that my week turns around soon.

So tell me, what makeup tricks always make you feel better when life gets you down?

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