Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rubric for reviewing vegan mascara

Hey all!
So due to my beeswax allergy, I can only use vegan mascara. I prefer natural products, but I'm not averse to coating my lashes with plastic, either (though I'd prefer to not have to).

But how to pick the best vegan mascara? The foundation rubric is working out so well, I'd like to propose one for mascara reviews, too.


A. Clump factor.
1. Super clumpy.
2. Some small clumps, but mostly smooth.
3. No clumps! Very smooth.

B. Longevity.
1. Raccoon eyes or flakies not too long into wearing.
2. Raccoon eyes or flakies toward the end of the day.
3. No raccoon eyes or flakies!

C. Lengthening.
1. Lashes do not appear any longer.
2. Lashes appear somewhat longer.
3. Holy length!

D. Volumizing.
1. No improvement.
2. Some improvement.
3. Full, lush looking lashes.

E. Irritancy.
1. Burny eyes.
2. Some burny eyes or other mild and short-lived irritation.
3. None.

F. Natural factor.
1. Recognizable ingredients.
2. Mix of natural and synthetic.
3. Only vegan because there's no petrochemical or silicone animal.

G. Value.
1. Costs more than you'd expect.
2. Costs about what you'd expect.
3. Costs less than you'd expect.

H. Brush.
1. Difficult to use - gives poor results.
2. Okay, nothing special.
3. Pretty awesome - gives great results!

I. Customer service.
0. Bad, unhelpful, nonexistant, not tried.
1. Great company to work with.

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