Monday, January 18, 2010

Comprehensive Foundation Review

In my quest to find the perfect mineral foundation, I’ve tried a whole bunch, and reviewed all of them with stringent criteria, because I wanted to know which one was the best. I’ve reviewed a lot of loose powder foundations, three liquids, and one pressed powder. As I try out more stuff in the future, I'll make updated versions of the list, but this is where I am so far. Pics above are for color comparison purposes (and to some extent, coverage comparison).

Here’s a quick summary, with products ranked from best to worst.

1. Silk Naturals Original Coverage foundation (1 Warm Gold: 10 Ivory): 26/30. Despite receiving high scores, I’m still waffling on getting this. I was looking at a photo I’d taken for an EOTD post while I was wearing it and didn’t like the finish that much. I’ve ordered more samples to play with, because one of my biggest complaints was that it had too-sheer coverage. I really liked the oil control and the custom mixing aspects. I also think that SN might match my summer skin needs better than my winter skin needs.

2. Earthen Glow Minerals Mineral Mousse foundation (Lora – light warm): 25/30. I’m very glad I ordered a full size while it was on sale, because I love this stuff.

3. adorned with Grace Minerals foundation (Love 3.0): 24.5/30. Probably ordering this in full size so I have the option of a powder. Main weakness: my face gets shiny after awhile. Main strength: this stuff is so finely milled, super creamy, and a little goes a long way.

4. Earthen Glow Minerals Cover Me foundation (Lora – light warm): 21/30. Best for those with normal skin (no dryness or oily issues) and stuff they want to cover up, or who can’t find a good match elsewhere, as there are lots of options for colors with this brand.

5. Aromaleigh Glissade foundation (1W): 21/30. The better (IMO) of the two Aromaleigh foundations, it still wasn’t right for me. Better for someone with dry skin.

6. Aromaleigh Voilé foundation (1W): 20/30. This didn’t stand out in any way for me. Probably better for someone with dry skin.

7. Everyday Minerals Matte foundation (Golden Fair): 20/30. This was my standby for a year and a half. There are much better choices out there, and I am happier with other stuff. I was thrilled to finally use the jar up the other day. However, it did get me started on minerals, which was a really good thing in the long run.

8. Everyday Minerals Pressed Powder foundation (old formula Fair Yellow, d/c): 19/20. This stuff has two things going for it: coverage and ease of use (no swirly dish – just swirl brush in product and use!) Everything else, it doesn’t do well on. I can’t wait to use this up, but I also kind of want to chuck it.

9. Almay PureBlends liquid foundation (Buff): 19/30. Main strengths: it matched my skin and comes in a nice package. Too bad it doesn’t do anything else well. The face burning was a definite problem. The only reason it scored as high as it did is because of the bottle and the matching. I’m planning on returning this to the store and getting some Milani liners instead.

10. Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss foundation (Sleek Chartreux). 18/30. I was really disappointed in this and really wanted to like it. It’s way too sheer for me, though, and also does nothing against oil. If you have dry skin and mostly want to even out your skintone, this will probably be great for you.

11. Physician’s Formula OrganicWear tinted moisturizer (Ivory to Fair): 17/30 (will up to 18/30 if a customer service issue is resolved to my satisfaction). This would have scored a lot higher if it were lighter. If you have normal skin and aren’t either very fair or very dark, you might just love this stuff. Also, I got a tube that expired two months after I bought it, so they sent me a mailing label and I’m going to return it to the company for something else. I’m sure I’ll like whatever else I get better.

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