Friday, January 29, 2010

Advice for me to consider for looks in the near future

Awhile back, I participated in a thread on Chanty's forum where heavenlyfox (known on YouTube as lavoulpe) was offering color advice to people based on photos they posted or linked to. She's a makeup artist, so I trust her. Here's the conversation (partially for my own reference):

(from her) @Emily .... your eyebrows are amazing! i love the shape! :)

For Shadows: try to stay warm in tone... especially since your eyes and hair have warm tones to them... Instantly i would put you in some wine colored shadows... not exactly red but not exactly purple. Like SNs Plush or Naughty shadows.... not only will your eyes kinda pop with wine colors, they will actually suite your features instead of appearing more red.
Also try some rust tinted browns, some golds (not bright but more gold than yellow), and warm plums... do try to steer clear of blues, unless it's a really warm blue it runs the chance of looking kinda ghoulish.
Easily you could pull off the classic modern eye looks that i covered in my Eyeshadow application video! Your eyes are shaped wonderfully for that kind of look!
As for blushes, try to stick with the warm corals and warm pinks.

HTH!!!!! :)

(from me) Thanks!
Ginger Peach was always my favorite EDM color, and I even liked the color of Morocco, but I need to add something to it because I don't care for the finish. Maybe some Aussie? I'll try to bust out the Shopping Spree more, too. And SN's 9:59 is kind of a warm purple. Wine is not something I'd have considered.
I have quite a lot of golds - Golden Medal, Meow's Sand Dune, Fyrinnae Polar Bear - I'll play more with those.
Rust tinted browns - I think awG will have some more after their break...

Funny you warn against blue, though, because I have a lot of it - mostly warmer ones (Fyrrinnae Anemone, awG capricious, some turquoises) but also some cooler more silvery ones. I also do green a lot.

I can definitely stick to the warm pinks and corals. [/quote]

(from her) @Emily

hey if those blues and silvers work for you go for it! :) Again most of the colors people choose are the right tones for their skin... they just don't realize it! But i've found that most people don't really know or can tell if a blue is a warm blue or a cool blue, so usually i just say try to avoid them to avoid heartache and frustration lol :)

Oh dear how did i forget greens? lol yes greens will go well with your eyes since you have slight specks of green already there ;)

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