Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why isn't Everyday Minerals in the links?

Ok, so almost all of my blushes are from Everyday Minerals, and I've been wearing their foundation for a while, and I also have a bunch of eye colors from them that I like.

So why aren't they on the list of "Stuff I like?"

Short answer: because I got pissed off by some shady things they just did and decided not to promote them or give them my money anymore.

Long answer:
1. They deleted the forum with no warning, seemingly because too many people had negative things to say about them. Would have been fine with it if they'd given warning so people could get the information they needed before it disappeared into the ether. Stupid move on their part - the forum ladies convinced me to buy a lot of stuff.

2. They're getting away from the "natural" focus and adding stuff other than minerals to their products.

3. They have a history of lying to customers and misleading them in a way that leads people to stock up on favorites when there's no need to and delay ordering during good specials because Amazing Product isn't out yet. Some straightforwardness would be appreciated.

4. Their customer service has taken a downturn for the worse, and is now characterized by form letters. I sent them a well-worded email describing why I, and many other loyal customers, were taking our hard-earned dough elsewhere, and got a canned response back.

I'm still using the stuff from them that I like - there's about four blushes and 15 or so eye colors I have from them that are pretty good, but I'm not planning on buying more, though an exception might have to be made for things like the Everynight Minerals, which are unique, and their plain lip balm, which is one of the few that doesn't bother me.

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