Thursday, December 3, 2009

A note on ingredients

So, earlier I said I was picky about what I put on my face, body, and hair. So, what's on the "no, thanks" list?

Keep in mind that I don't adhere to the "natural=healthy; chemicals=horrifying ugly death" philosophy. Poison ivy, tobacco, and the only ingredients I know I'm allergic to are all "natural" products. Also, everything is made out of chemicals. Water is a chemical! Synthetic chemicals are a different story - I want there to be a good reason they're included in my stuff, and some of them are problematic for one use but not another. I shop primarily for products marketed as vegan, because it helps me avoid one of my allergens, beeswax, but don't have a problem using silk or carmine. I stay far away from things known to be irritating, though.

I know different people care about different things, so if something I review has parabens or isn't vegan, I'll note that.

So, the "no, thanks" ingredients list:

1. Beeswax. Allergic, so no, thanks.

2. Rosemary (oil or extract). Probably allergic, so no, thanks.

3. Citrus (only banned on lips). See above.

4. Bismuth oxychloride. Filler used in a lot of makeup to make it shiny. Known irritant, and FILLER!. No, thanks.

5. Sulfate detergents (sodium lauryl/lareth sulfate, ammonium lauryl/laureth sulfate). Very drying, will only use occasionally to clarify hair. No, thanks!

6. Petrochemicals, like petroleum and mineral oil. Mostly they coat the surface and keep moisture out. I will allow them in lip products when they're not the main ingredient because otherwise it'd be so hard to find stuff, but otherwise, no, thanks.

5. Talc. Filler and an irritant, so no, thanks. I have two or three eyeshadows with it, but I wear those over primer and there's a barrier.

6. Parabens: Preservatives. I try to minimize these because apparently they disrupt hormones, but if a product I otherwise like has them and I can't find a similar paraben-free version of it, then I'll try it. Parabens are better than having my lip gloss break me out, but they totally don't need to be in my body wash.

7. Polyethylene terephthalate: These are plastic glitter often used in eye makeup. According to Fyrinnae's blog, it's fine for your skin, but not so fine if you get it in your eye. I like having vision, so no, thanks.

8. Silicones on my face. They seem to make me itchy, so no, thanks. I find they build up in my hair if I use too many there, too.

9. Fragrance. Migraine trigger, no thanks!

So there's my ingredients philosophy. I'm more flexible with things like eyeliner, that touch a tiny area of my skin and usually go over layers of other stuff, than I am with foundation or blush, which go over my whole face.

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