Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Review - Physicians' Formula OrganicWear tinted moisturizer

I wanted to look less than deadly ill while teaching this afternoon, so I went for the tinted moisturizer and some Physicians' Formula eyebrighter shadow.

And, well, tinted moisturizer is pretty much foundation, right?

A. Color matching.
1. Does not match my skin at all. I have Ivory-Fair, and it matches my arms, but not my neck. Also, it's kind of orange. Too dark and too orange. Eh.

B. Coverage.
3. Mostly covers blemishes and makes scar less noticeable. Evens out skin tone nicely, as well. If only it were light enough.

C. Adhesion/durability.
3. Gets me through an eight-hour day.

D. Combination skin friendliness factor.
3. Does ok until lunch. Forehead got shiny early on with this stuff, rest of face took longer. Would probably be fine with a dusting of powder over it, but as I'm testing all the foundations without primer or powder, I didn't use any today.

E. Irritancy.
3. No problems at all.

F. Presentation
2. Functional packaging - a squeeze tube with a green plastic cap.

G. Value
2. Costs about what you'd expect. I think I paid ten for 1.5 fl. oz. Pretty standard for drugstore foundation.

H. Company is nice to work with, good customer service. 1 point. Did not test yet, but I'm gonna see if they can do anything about having sold me a product with a Dec. expiration date in October.

Total: 17/30. I'd like this a lot better if it were lighter in color, or at least less orange.

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