Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cool forum.

I used to lurk and post sometimes on the Everyday Minerals forum. It was a good place to find info and swatches about mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is my favorite, and I don't have a lot of interest in products that aren't mineral, natural-origin, or vegan. I'm probably never going to get super into MAC or any of the expensive brands because I don't feel like spending tons of money on stuff that's likely to break me out. Numerous threads about how awesome MAC is - totally not interested in that.

It makes me sad that at Makeup Alley, some of my favorite brands are listed as "unlisted brand." It makes it difficult to slog through reviews, and there just isn't a lot on the smaller companies whose products I like. Also, their thread structure just plain sucks. I hate having to click on individual posts!

Anyway, just before the EDM boards got yanked from under us, one of the members put together a forum of her own. Thanks to Chanty for setting up Mineral Makeup Forums!

It's focused on mineral makeup, but there's a sub-board for high-end and drugstore brands. I post over there as Emily.

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