Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A couple quick things:

I have a cold and don't feel much up to anything besides the Internet, but I had a couple quick things to share:

1. Yesterday, I used my Fyrinnae eye primer on one lid and my E.L.F. mineral primer on the other lid under EM's 11:59 shadow. At the end of the day, there were fewer sparkles on the Fyrinnae side, but the E.L.F. side had had some shadow migration. I think I vote for sparkle loss over loss of evenness. At least the Fyrinnae lid looked consistent, and I can use their Pixie Epoxy to cement the sparkles on.

2. I also ordered some tiny hauls from Aromaleigh and adorned with Grace Minerals. From Aromaleigh, I'm getting three Opulent Lustre samples, two Rocks! sonic samples, two Gothic Lolita eye samples, and a sample of their lightest warm shade in each foundation formula. From adorned with Grace, I'm getting foundation samples in Love 3.0 and Faith 3.0, samples of Beautiful and Wonderful blushes, and a full-size clearance set of three eyeshadows - all blues mixed with browns and silvers. Total damage? $18.29. awG offers free shipping domestically on everything, and Aromaleigh offers free shipping on samples-only orders, plus the ability to pick three free eye color samples per order.

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