Friday, September 17, 2010

Used up some more stuff

1. Cozy Moments olive oil and goat's milk soap samples. Better than their sugar scrub cube. Not great, though.

2. DHC acerola lotion sample packet. More of a toner than a lotion. Ok, not great.

3. DHC silver nanocolloid cream. Moisturizing, nothing special.

4. Lucy Minerals Oil Control Calcium Carbonate finishing powder. Pretty good, just not my favorite ever.

5. Morgana Minerals vegan lipstick sample - Coraline's Kiss. It took me daily use over two weeks to use this up. Good stuff, I bought a full size and then figured I should use the sample packet up first.

I also gave up on some stuff.

1. Urban Decay lipstick sample - Gash. This stuff tasted so bad that I had to wipe it off immediately.

2. Garden of Wisdom cucuminoid serum sample. I can't put into words why I didn't like this. I just didn't.

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