Thursday, September 2, 2010

Introducing Project Use It!

Many of you have probably heard of things like Project 10 pan, where a makeup-a-holic attempts to hit pan on 10 things before buying anything else.

I am also trying to use stuff up. I have way more of everything than I need, so I'm going through all my tiny samples and some of my full-size items systematically. At the moment, I'm going through small sizes of foundation, powder, blush, sample eyeshadow baggies, and moisturizers. I am also currently unemployed as I struggle to finish my damn master's thesis, so buying new stuff is probably unwise. (Though I am going to make an exception for Silk Naturals, I think.)

As I finish things, I'll post about it here and tell you what I thought of the item I finished. I'll keep a log of things I liked enough to maybe buy again someday.

So far, I've used up this stuff:

VO5 Extra Body conditioner. For a cheapie, this actually did a pretty good job of conditioning my long, wavy, thick but fine hair. It also works well as a conditioner-only washing conditioner, but only if followed by an acidic rinse. I might buy this again sometime - I mostly used it because DBF bought it to try and didn't like it.

Aubrey Organics Calaguala Fern Treatment shampoo. I bought this bottle a year ago when I was struggling with some flakies (probably caused by the really hard water at the old apartment). This stuff does not smell pretty. At all. It's also brown, which looks pretty gross. It doesn't bother my scalp, but it also seems to overstrip my hair and cause it to get greasy sooner rather than later. I will probably not buy this again.

Sample size Sassy Minerals Warm Light foundation. I'm pretty sure I reviewed this before when I had another sample size. After using it for several days in a row, I determined that it is ok, but not HG material.

Sample size adorned with Grace Heavenly rice powder. This, I liked. The only reason I wouldn't buy it again is because I have a huge ziploc baggie of rice powder, so I could make my own similar product fairly easily.

Sample size adorned with Grace Merciful apricot concealer. Meh. I keep hoping for something that will erase undereye circles, but I have not yet found it. This is not it, either.

Sample size of Silk Naturals extra light peach cream concealer. Meh. I like the texture, but think I might need the darker color.

Sample packed of Korres Fig body milk. Like the texture a lot. Do not like the scent. My skin is soft but kind of yucky smelling.

Sample size Silk Naturals firming moisturizer. I did not like the way this smelled, and didn't notice any firming, either - unless that's what that tight feeling was.

Newer updates should be shorter as I use up even more stuff.


  1. What a great project! I should probably start doing something like this. But I'm addicted to buying new products! I just got my first Silk Naturals order yesterday! I'm hoping to get a post up soon!

  2. Haha, don't I know it! I'm kind of viewing this as "shopping in my bathroom." Anything that absolutely doesn't work get's swapped or dumped. :)