Thursday, September 9, 2010


So, I had two makeup-related shipping mishaps in the same day, and I'm not pleased.

First, I swapped for a Korres green eyeliner pencil on Makeup Alley, and it arrived packaged in a paper envelope that had been torn. The pencil itself arrived in three pieces. So now I have a pencil I can't really use - and I swapped for an intact one.

Second, I made a small order from Pink Quartz Minerals on etsy, and somehow the address got changed (I discovered this upon closer inspection of the shipping notification email - the correct address I'd provided morphed into one that was incorrect. I spent an hour on hold with the post office only to be told it had been returned to sender earlier today. Really, makeup sellers, is it THAT HARD to cross-check that Paypal printed out the same address that you typed into it?

Argh. I was looking forward to playing with a new eye pencil and some new shadows today.

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