Thursday, September 9, 2010

Used it! spray conditioner, SN moisturizer, Hourglass primer sample

I used up a full-size product and two more samples!

A while ago, I bought Garnier Triple Nutrition leave-in spray because I liked the conditioner in the line. I wanted to see if there was something else that could replace my Organix coconut milk serum. I used all of this up, and it was ok, but I still like the Organix better. This is a good choice if you have fine hair that tangles easily and prefer a spray.

I also found a sample packet of Hourglass mineral primer, which I liked a lot better than the Smashbox, but am still not convinced actually does anything. It's a white cream that rubs in clear, and it has some SPF.

Then, I also used up a sample of Silk Naturals jojoba moisturizer. I like this better than the firming one, but it still smells odd to me.

Out of all of these, no clear winners.

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  1. You are starting to inspire me to start using up stuff I have around. I'll see what I can get started on!