Thursday, December 23, 2010

Used it! oil, ELF, lotion, thoughts on ELF in general.

1. Trial size citrus body lotion from whole foods. Alright, nothing special.

2. No-name brand Vitamin E oil. I like to oil my legs in the winter after shaving. There are better, cheaper oils I could use, and I never use Vitamin E for its intended purpose.

3. ELF Mineral Blemish Kit. I might buy this again. On sale. And keep it around in case of breakouts - I ended up applying it my whole face with a cotton powder puff - the round kind with the short little furs. It wasn't a miracle product, but it seemed to help a little (Damm you Evian lotion!).

4. ELF nail polish remover pads. Could be stronger, but pretty good for what they are - I use them on my toenails and they work. They also smell ok, which for nail polish remover is good because most of it smells terrible.

That said, I can't quite get behind the ELF love the way many people do. Most of the dollar items and Studio line seem to be full of petrochemicals and other crap fillers, their concealer pencil that was supposed to help heal my zits made them huger and more painful, their mineral powders ALL have bismuth oxychloride pretty far up on the ingredients list, and a liquid liner I bought smelled so terrible I threw it away immediately. There are very few ELF products that I actually like: the blemish powder, the Studio body kabuki, the mineral lipstick (but only if it's a good color, and so many of them aren't - ripe rose is the only one I've tried that I really liked), and the nail polish remover pads. I see people posting huge ELF hauls when they have sales and can't imagine wanting all that stuff!

81 items gone
23 full size items gone


  1. I don't like E.L.F either.. I made three orders last summer, but all were somewhat disappointing so I left it to that. I like their Shimmering Facial Whip in Toasted, their Water and Earth mascara and Creamy Eyeshadow duo's, few 1$ eyeshadow brushes, that's it.. Rest I bought....

  2. I'm with you on the ELF products. They are okay, but not something I like to buy very often. I ordered a ton of stuff from ELF a couple years ago. I think I tried the products once, and never used them again. Their nail polish is about the only thing I'd repurchase.

  3. Glad to know I'm not alone on the ELF hate! I keep seeing the beauty encylopedias in stores, thinking "Oooh! pretty colors. Cheap!" But then I remember that it's ELF and decide for the money I'd rather have one good mineral shadow than 12 crappy ELF ones.

    Also, they've been emailing me CONSTANTLY. It's kind of a turn off.

    And I don't know why everyone's so excited about the mineral brushes. Most of them look exactly like EcoTools.