Sunday, December 19, 2010

Used it! mostly crap petroleum, one full size skin serum

1. Aquaphor - small tube. Best for feet. Ironically, a doctor recommended it to me a couple years ago when my lips were really broken out, and I started using it again and my lips hate it!

2. Target brand vaseline lip balm knock off. I still have four of these lying around at varying stages of completion. After I developed my beeswax allergy, my lips were so sensitized that this was all I could use on them. Now, they're good for protecting my lips from toothpaste, but not much else. Sometimes I'll use a little to seal a more natural balm in.

3. Silk Naturals Green Tea and Aloe Serum. Pretty good stuff, but I just got a thing of the Oatmeal Serum instead - I've used a couple samples of it and like it better. Silk Naturals skincare is a thing of wonder all of you should try.

Running tally:
77 things total
20 full size products


  1. You are on a roll! You are going to have 100 things used up before you know it!

  2. It will be time for a 100 things dance!

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and this is such a fantastic idea! I always feel soo guilty because I almost never finish any products. I think actually setting a goal to get through the products would make it much more likely :)

    Oh and I shall definitely be trying Silk Naturals after this ♥