Sunday, December 12, 2010

Copying from Phyrra again...

1. What’s been your go-to eye shadows, blushes or lip products this winter?
Sephora Pure palette, Wanderlust edition; anything in a sample baggie (want. them. gone.)

2. What class are you playing the most in Cata (if you play WoW?) If you’re not playing Cata, tell me about the game you’re playing?
No games here. I'm more a NY Times crossword puzzle sort of nerd. So excited to do today's! Sundays are my faves!

3. What’s on your nails?

Nothing. I still haven't gotten around to doing them. Sad, right?

4. If you were to be a fantasy character, what would you be?
Maybe an ent, because they're awesome.

5. If you could instantly know three additional languages, what would they be?
I already know Spanish, a little Portuguese, and a teeny tiny amount of French, and I'd like to know German, Finnish, and Catalan on top of that. I should also work on improving my Portuguese and French skills, because they are rusty and undeveloped. Actually, if you were to give me the opportunity to learn pretty much any language, I'd hop on it. Languages are awesome. Can I add Polish and Russian to the list?

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