Saturday, August 27, 2011


Last weekend, I turned this...
Into this:

Top left - orangey gloss made out of a mixture of a bunch of stuff (SN gold lipgloss, clear lipgloss, Morgana Gilded Tangerine sample, HiFi cosmetics lip glaze sample, and some leftovers from the other products). This is way too glossy for the tube I put it in, so I have to transfer it to a jar soon.

Top middle - Pink shade made out of some ELF mineral lipstick, an NYC lipcolor compact, various micas (mostly TKB interferences), and the leftovers from the Top Right shade.

Top right - red shade made with a Pink Quartz minerals stick, some avocado butter, red glitter, and a squirt of meadowfoam seed oil.

Bottom - gloss pots made out of clear gloss I got at the dollar store, avocado butter, meadowfoam seed oil, Morgana Gilded Lime sample, green Sparks and Hilite micas from TKB. Then, I took the green gloss, divided it in half, and added some red blush samples and red lipstick to that.

These are my first two attempts at frankenlippies. The red one is a couple slimline tubes (one from SN and one from Crazy Rumors, and Morgana Fire in the Sky sample. The pink one is a couple pink ELF Minerals lipsticks and a bunch of purple, green, and gold hilite micas.

Out of all the progress photos, the making of the green gloss turned out the best. I'll save that for another post! Between the three project sessions, I ended up with seven new products, and disposed of a greater number of full size containers and 8 or so sample pods.

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  1. Wow! Look at you go! You made some great colors! Love the orange gloss and the red at the upper right! Doesn't it feel good to turn unused stuff into new products?!