Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sephora Pure palette

I've been doing a lot of swapping lately, on Makeup Alley and on the smaller, mineral-focused forums I also frequent. It's a good way to pass things I don't like so much on to someone else who might use them more and also to try new things without spending a lot of money, which is good because substitute teaching does not really pay so well.

One of the best things I've gotten is the Sephora Pure palette in Wanderlust. It has six eye shadows and a blush. The colors are pretty much perfect for me - neutral browns with a pearly, but not too shimmery, finish, a bright blue, a bright green, and a dark blue. The blush is also nice, but I'm going to have to use it with a duo fiber brush because my EcoTools blush brush applied way too much. The blush is matte, which I like.

Hope you are all enjoying life! Things have been looking up around here.

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