Monday, March 8, 2010

Aromaleigh mini-haul, parts one and two (text only, sorry)

In February, I decided to use a gift code that my awesome boyfriend got me for Christmas. Nea (Fashioned in Finland) had raved about Aromaleigh's Spring Solstice eyeshadow collection, and it was on sale! So I picked out a complete sample set, and a few Gothic Lolita collection shades, knowing that with the discount, the gift card would cover it exactly. Unfortunately, with Aromaleigh's new sale system, it's impossible to use both a gift code and a coupon code at the same time. I emailed Steve (Mr. Miss K), and he said that he wouldn't charge my card for the extra $5.

Somehow, my card ended up getting charged. So I emailed back, and Steve told me that he'd tried to refund the card, but it had expired (D'oh!). So he offered me the chance to pick out $5 worth of stuff, and he'd send it to me.

I picked out samples of the Gothic Lolita shimmers in the apricot and blue colors, and a sample of Nocturne Lite treatment powder.

I got:
1. The shimmers (amazing!)
2. TWO sample of the Nocturne Lite (saving these for when it'll be possible to order a full size if I like it).
3. Five Bete Noire samples.
4. A FULL SIZE Rocks! Sonic lookinforakiss.
5. And - a whole pile of lip balm samples. I can't use these (stupid beeswax allergy), but I'm hoping a swap partner loves them, especially since Aromaleigh is discontinuing all of their lip products.

I'm VERY impressed by the customer service experience. When I have disposable income again, I will TOTALLY give Aromaleigh more money.

Swatch pics coming!


  1. I love Aromaleigh so much. Can't wait for your swatch pics! I'm bummed that their lippies are all discontinuing, I just discovered how much I love their delicate vanilla bean balm. I need to order it before it's gone... and you know, some shadows too obviously, can't have the balm all by its lonesome. :P

  2. They are pretty awesome. They and Fyrinnae make the best eyeshadows, IMO.