Monday, March 8, 2010

Aromaleigh mini-haul swatch pics!

As promised earlier today - pics!!

I got some Gothic Lolita eye samples, and requested HiFi mattes as my freebies.

I also got the entire Spring Solstice 2009 collection in samples. Love!!! :)

Sadly, I either forgot to take or deleted my swatches of this from the camera. :( They are lovely, though. Take my word for it.

Then today, in resolution of a customer service issue, I got all of this, plus a full size lookinforakiss shadow (not pictured). I had only asked for one of the Nocture Lite and the Gothic Lolita shimmers. This is people who want their customers to be happy!!!



  1. I love AL's service! You have some gorgeous choices there, I love Lookinforakiss.

  2. Great swatches! I seriously need to get the SS collection...I think I'm missing out!

  3. Aromaleigh is somewhere where I can just pick any random crapload of colors, even if I don't particularly like them on the site, and I know I will love them when I get them. I love every single color of theirs I have ever tried.

  4. Janet - I love it, too! I wore it with just a little of SN's Sonic in the inner corner and some black liner, and it was striking without being hard or time-consuming.

    Blix - yes, yes you do!

    Heather - They are quickly becoming one of my favorites for eyeshadow. I also am a huge Fyrinnae fan.